Title Time range
Alternative Radio Wednesday 4-5pm
Amplified Radio Monday 1-4am
Amplified Radio Wednesday 2-4am
Anaerda TV Saturday 10-11am
ASCENSION Saturday 10pm-Sunday 12am
At This Time of Day Thursday 6-7pm
Beyond That Wednesday 9pm-Thursday 12am
BITCOUVER Tuesday 8-10pm
CANADALAND Monday 5-6pm
CanQueer Thursday 4-5pm
Cheeze Pleeze Monday 12:30-1am
Classical Guitar Alive Saturday 5-6am
Classical Guitar Alive Monday 6-7am
Democracy Now! Wednesday 11am-12pm
Democracy Now! Thursday 11am-12pm
Democracy Now! Friday 11am-12pm
Democracy Now! Monday 11am-12pm
Democracy Now! Tuesday 11am-12pm
ESSENCEtial Conversations Friday 5-6pm
FemConquest Friday 2-3pm
Free Voices Thursday 3-4pm
Full Spectrum House Saturday 9-10pm
Future Talk Monday 4-4:30pm
Generic Alternative Monday 2-3pm
Gorilla Radio Monday 9-10am
Hip-Hop Happens Sunday 12-3am
Home of Burnaby Rock Friday 6-8pm
Hot Fried Chicken Show Thursday 12-1pm
I Come from the Mountain Friday 1-2pm
Il Sole Italiano Sunday 2-4pm
IntraVenus Wednesday 10-11am
Jazz Boulevard Wednesday 12-2am
Jazz Boulevard Tuesday 4-6am
Jumbalaya Sunday 5-7am
Jumbalaya Wednesday 3-4pm
Jumbalaya Thursday 1-2pm
Jumbalaya Wednesday 1-2pm
Jumbalaya Tuesday 2-3pm
Jumbalaya Thursday 2-3pm
Jumbalaya Sunday 7-8am
Jumbalaya Sunday 10-11am
Magma Gelato Thursday 9-10pm
Making Contact Wednesday 9-9:30am
Maximum RocknRoll Radio Friday 5-6am
Maximum RocknRoll Radio Thursday 1-2am
Modern Jazz Today Tuesday 2-4am
Modern Jazz Today Thursday 4-6am
More Hip Hop Happens Sunday 3-5am
Nasha Kasha Monday 4:30-5pm
Nasha Kasha Monday 12-12:30am
Nasha Volna Friday 7-9am
Nasha Volna Thursday 2-4am
New Dimensions Sunday 9-10am
newtab Tuesday 1-2am
Next Up Thursday 8-9pm
Oh No! Radio Tuesday 5-6pm
On The Tracks Wednesday 6-8am
On The Tracks Friday 2-4am
Outlaw Jamboree Monday 7-9am
Outlaw Jamboree Sunday 11am-2pm
Outlaw Jamboree Wednesday 4-6am
Pirates of the Caribbean Saturday 4-6pm
Rad Radio Thursday 10pm-Friday 12am
Radio Alicia Sunday 4-6pm
Radio Ecoshock Friday 9-10am
Radio Goethe Thursday 6-7am
Radio Goethe Wednesday 2-3pm
Rev Billy Radio Wednesday 5:30-6pm
Rockin' Blues Show Thursday 7-9am
Rockin' Blues Show Tuesday 10pm-Wednesday 12am
Roots & Berries Friday 12-1pm
Scream Therapy Thursday 12:30-1am
Shout! Clap! Slam! Thursday 12-12:30am
Si'em' nu Ts' lhhwulmuhw Tuesday 9-10am
Sips, Suds & Smokes Tuesday 12-1am
Sons Lusitanos Wednesday 7-9pm
Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child Saturday 9-10am
Speak Up! Monday 10-11am
Speak Up! Thursday 10-11am
Speak Up! Tuesday 10-11am
Speak Up, Listen Up, Act Upon Friday 10-11am
Spoken Word Surprise Tuesday 4-5pm
Tell Us A Tale Saturday 8:30-9am
Terra Informa Wednesday 5-5:30pm
That Chinese Show Saturday 12-2pm
The (ACC) African Caribbean Connection Saturday 2-4pm
The Arts Edge Saturday 6-7pm
The Arts Show Thursday 5-6pm
The Blurred Crusade Friday 12-1am
The Blurred Crusade Wednesday 12-1pm
The Canadian Philosophy Show Thursday 9-10am
The Downliners Crypt Tuesday 6-8am
The Downliners Crypt Tuesday 6-8pm
The Downliners Crypt Monday 4-6am
The Metal Meltdown Monday 8-10pm
The Undie Scene Monday 10pm-Tuesday 12am
The Vancouver Mixtape Sunday 8-9pm
The Vancouver Mixtape Tuesday 8-9am
The Vancouver Mixtape Friday 4-5am
The Øbservatory Friday 10pm-Saturday 12:30am
Two Asian Dudes Tuesday 12-2pm
Typically Tuesdays Monday 3-4pm
VibeCheck Tuesday 3-4pm
Voice of the North Friday 4-5pm
W.I. Culture Shock Sunday 9pm-Monday 12am
Wandering Rhythms Monday 12-2pm
Wandering Rhythms Saturday 6-8am
WaveStation Saturday 7-9pm
Wham! Bam! EAST VAN! Thursday 7-8pm
WINGS Wednesday 9:30-10am
Your Radio Show Could Be Here! Wednesday 6-7pm
Your Radio Show Could Be Here! Sunday 8-9am
Your Radio Show Could Be Here! Friday 3-4pm
Your Radio Show Could Be Here! Friday 8-9pm
Your Radio Show Could Be Here! Friday 9-10pm
Your Radio Show Could Be Here! Friday 6-7am
Your Radio Show Could Be Here! Saturday 11am-12pm
Your Radio Show Could Be Here! Wednesday 8-9am
Your Radio Show Could Be Here! Friday 1-2am
Yuca Stereo Sunday 6-8pm
Zucchini Brothers Saturday 8-8:30am
Øbservatory Øvernight Øscillations Saturday 12:30-5am