Wandering Rhythms

Strange New World Music

Tune your ears to the great unknown as we explore the vast spectrum of modern music from across our planet. From regional folk traditions to wildly experimental underground scenes, this show is a great celebration of the invisible magic that unites us all: RHYTHM. Speak your languages. Sing your truths. Earth People, wander to many rhythms and be free ) )) )))

The first hour of Wandering Rhythms is a boundless sonic stew of new worldly sounds, while the second hour touches down in a different corner of Earth every week. Hosted by Nic Legacy since 2010. 

For streams of many more past shows please visit our Mixcloud page: https://www.mixcloud.com/WanderingRhythms/

For music submissions or just to say hey: wanderingrhythms@gmail.com

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Nick Legacy
  • Monday 12-2pm
  • Saturday 6-8am
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  • Posted on: 2 November 2016
  • By: evannaw