Open Mic

Ideally live hosted by a new volunteer but sometimes syndicated.

Open Mics are time slots where as a new volunteer programmer your broadcast dream can become a reality. They are spaces where a new volunteer can put their training into practice before proposing a show of their own, and where volunteer programmers can be assigned their own permanent time slot, in other words, your radio show could be here!  In the meantime, you might hear some syndicated content sourced from campus/community stations across Canada. 

  • Monday 4-6am
  • Monday 7-9am
  • Monday 2-3pm
  • Monday 10pm-Tuesday 12am
  • Tuesday 6-8am
  • Tuesday 1-2pm
  • Tuesday 3-4pm
  • Wednesday 4-6am
  • Wednesday 3-4pm
  • Wednesday 11pm-Thursday 12am
  • Thursday 2-4am
  • Thursday 12-1pm
  • Thursday 1-2pm
  • Thursday 2-3pm
  • Friday 6-7am
  • Friday 7-9am
  • Friday 2-3pm
  • Friday 3-4pm
  • Friday 9-10pm
  • Saturday 10-11am
  • Saturday 11am-12pm
  • Saturday 9-10pm
  • Saturday 10pm-Sunday 12am
  • Sunday 5-7am
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  • Posted on: 12 January 2022
  • By: cjsfprog