The Radio Tales

. . . a musical memoir

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The Radio Tales are personal narratives that interweave story and song, to reflect the teller's lived experience, as an extension of the writer's voice (LaBelle, 2006)

This collection of radio tales was written & recorded as research for my graduate thesis* and then broadcast on The Arts Edge (2015-2020).

* To access thesis, Performing Identity at The Arts Edge: Developing Radio Memoir Through the Excavation of Living Inquiry, go to

* To access SFU article about thesis and my work in radio, go to: 


The Collection of 27  (To listen to a radio tale, click on hyperlink below)

Radio Tale #1: The Ledge Tales-edge-playlist-07112020

Radio Tale #2: You’re a Song Tales-edge-playlist-07112020-0

Radio Tale #3: Bloodlines, Leylines & the Luck of the Irish Tales-edge-playlist-07112020-1

Radio Tale #4: Downtown, The Great Escape Tales-edge-playlist-07112020-2

Radio Tale #5: Loser’s Weep Tales-edge-playlist-07112020-3

Radio Tale #6: David Cassidy, I Think I Loved You Tales-edge-playlist-07182020

Radio Tale #7: Riding the Prairie Airwaves Tales-edge-playlist-07182020-0

Radio Tale #8: Pardon Me if I’m Sentimental Tales-edge-playlist-07182020-1

Radio Tale #9: Sixteen Candles & Four Girls on a Saturday Night Tales-edge-playlist-07182020-2 

Radio Tale #10: Who are You? Tales-edge-playlist-07182020-3

Radio Tale #11: Rumors, Surprises & Little White Lies Tales-edge-playlist-07182020-4

Radio Tale #12: On the Cover of Musical Influence Tales-edge-playlist-07232020

Radio Tale #13: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole Tales-edge-playlist-07232020-0

Radio Tale #14: He Called Me a Writer Tales-edge-playlist-07232020-1

Radio Tale #15: Fries & Gravy and Three Songs for a Quarter Tales-edge-playlist-07232020-2

Radio Tale #16: I Was Just Bad at Math Tales-edge-playlist-07232020-3

Radio Tale #17: Boyfriends, Boxes and Books Tales-edge-playlist-07252020

Radio Tale #18: Finding the Truth in Comedy Tales-edge-playlist-07252020-2

Radio Tale #19: Settling or Settling Down Tales-edge-playlist-07252020-0

Radio Tale #20: Just Until I Get My Bearings Tales-edge-playlist-07252020-1

Radio Tale #21: Facebook, Fiction and the Trouble with Fame Tales-edge-playlist-08022020

Radio Tale #22: Me & Huckelberry Finn Tales-edge-playlist-08022020-0

Radio Tale #23: Revisiting the Prairie Homestead Tales-edge-playlist-08022020-1

Radio Tale #24: The Last Days of Country Music Tales-edge-playlist-08022020-2

Radio Tale #25: My Dad, the Story of a Life Tales-edge-playlist-08152020

Radio Tale #25B: Eggs on Toast Tales-edge-playlist-08152020-0

Radio Tale #26: Waking Up in Grad School Tales-edge-playlist-08152020-2

Radio Tale #27: The Path Tales-edge-playlist-08152020-1


The Collection of 21: The Early Radio Tales [2013-2014]  (To listen to a radio tale, click on hyperlink below)

Radio Tale: Me, My Mom & Susan Jacks

Radio Tale: Meghan, Marriage and Royal Happenstance


The Radio Tales of The Roach Siblings

 Auntie Stella singing "Good Night Irene" -

Auntie Mamie singing "Good Night Irene"





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