The Arts Edge playlist for 07/23/2020

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Radio Tale #14: He Called Me a Writer!

This personal narrative explores the teen years when a teacher planted a seed that I was a writer and subsequent experiences throughout my education, incorporating music that reflects these moments.



Dylan, B. (1964). The times they are a-changin’. [Recorded by Bob Dylan]. On Bob Dylan’s greatest hits vol. II [LP]. New York, NY: Columbia. (1971). 

Harder, E. (1981). Obstacle dimensions. In E. Hamazaki (Ed.), Focus (p.112).   Vancouver, BC: Gladstone Secondary School.   

Lennon, J., & McCartney, J. (1962). Paperback writer. [Recorded by The Beatles]. On The Beatle Box [LP]. London, UK: Parlophone. (1980).

Lightfoot, G. (1970). If you could read my mind. [Recorded by Gordon Lightfoot]. On  Gord’s gold [LP]. Los Angeles, CA: Reprise.

Plant, R., & Page, J. (1972). The song remains the same. [Recorded by Led Zeppelin]. On House of the holy [LP]. London, UK: Atlantic.

  • Posted on: 13 August 2020
  • By: Annie Roach