The Arts Edge playlist for 08/15/2020

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Radio Tale #27: The Path

This personal narrative explores – in a nutshell – the journey of graduate school in which a path is laid, and how by following this path I come full circle. This circling occurs first, through reflections of childhood songs and then, the memory of my family’s 1976 road trip to the Canadian Prairies when The Carpenters sing of being young, listening to the radio and “waiting for my favorite songs….”



Bettis, J., & Carpenter, R. (1973). Yesterday once more. [Recorded by The Carpenters]. Now & Then [LP]. Hollywood, CA: A&M.

Chapin, H. (1999). Story of a life. [Recorded by Harry Chapin]. On The gold medal collection [CD]. New York, NY: Elektra. (1988).

Lennon, J., & McCartney, J. (1970b). The long and winding road. [Recorded by The Beatles]. On Let it be [LP]. London, UK: Apple.

Machedo, A. (1987). Proverbios y Cantqres (F. J. Varela, Trans.), (p. 63). Ediciones Dauro. (1930).

Varela, F. (1987). Laying down a path in the walking. In W. I. Thompson (Ed.), GAIA: A way of knowing – political implications of the new biology (pp. 48-64). Hudson, NY: Lindisfarne.

Young, N. (1972). Heart of gold. [Recorded by Neil Young]. On Harvest [LP]. Woodside, CA; Nashville, TN; London, UK: Reprise.

  • Posted on: 13 August 2020
  • By: Annie Roach