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Posted on: Sat, 2023-01-07 22:35
By: cjsfpr
Make supporting community radio one of your New Year's resolutions, and send a message to the federal government about the importance of campus/community radio stations like ours.  The federal government is currently working on the budget for April 1, 2023, to March 30, 2024, and the Community Radio Fund of Canada and the three main Canadian community radio associations, including the National...
Posted on: Sun, 2022-10-23 09:38
By: cjsfpr
Pledge Online! Thanks to donors like you, we made over $6145.10 (and counting) during CJSF's 2022 Fundrive Week! For a running tally of this year's Fundrive totals, visit Plant A Seed and Grow Together with us during our fifth annual CJSF Fundrive, running from October 31 to November 6, 2022. Fundrive is your opportunity to add a little fertilizer to our mix,...
Posted on: Fri, 2022-09-30 20:23
By: cjsfpr
The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the volunteer experience, especially for new volunteers, and ensuring that volunteering for CJSF is a positive experience. They are in charge of interviewing new volunteers, matching them to jobs, and enabling them to succeed. The Volunteer Coordinator works closely with CJSF’s core staff and executives and reports to the Station Manager....
Posted on: Sun, 2022-07-17 09:28
By: cjsfpr
CJSF is seeking an Arts and Entertainment Coordinator
After 9 long years (or nearly 10 short ones), our erstwhile ArtsCoord Jamie Cessford has decided to hand the torch to a fresh face looking to make their mark in the world of arts journalism: could that fresh face be YOU?
In this volunteer Exec position, you'll be responsible for managing arts coverage for CJSF and the publication of...
Posted on: Thu, 2022-06-09 21:54
By: cjsfpr
CJSF 90.1 FM is proud to co-present, with SFU Galleries, Listening to Pictures: Artists on the SFU Art Collection, a 10-episode radio program featuring voices of artists with lived experience on the West Coast responding to selected artworks in SFU's art collection. Listening to Pictures: Artists on the SFU Art Collection will air on CJSF every Thursday at 2:00pm from June 16 to August 18, 2022,...
Posted on: Fri, 2022-05-27 21:39
By: cjsfpr
We're now hiring local students (or anyone between the ages of 15-30) for summer Community Outreach and Promotions Assistant,  Programming Assistant, and Software Development/IT Support positions here at CJSF 90.1 FM - see below for job descriptions. To apply, send your cover letter and resume by email to (c/o Magnus Thyvold, Station Manager) with the subject line "CJSF Summer Jobs...
Posted on: Wed, 2022-02-23 13:10
By: cjsfpr
Our Music Coordinator, Ricky Castanedo-Laredo, is leaving CJSF soon in order to pursue an exciting new personal project (Want to know more about it? Ask around: Ricky will be still with us until the end of February!) Though we're very happy for him, this means we now have some enormous (but quite tasteful) shoes to fill in the Music department. Do you have what it takes to be CJSF's next Music...
Posted on: Thu, 2022-02-17 10:17
By: cjsfpr
This coming Thursday, we'll be honouring Black musicians at our #BlackHistoryMonth edition of #CJSFRecordClub. Join us as we talk about - and listen to - the many vital contributions made by Black artists to the world of music! When?
Feb. 24, 2022 @ 6pm PST Where?
The #record-club channel on the CJSF 90.1 FM Discord: visit the CJSF Virtual Record Club #10: Black History Month 2022...
Posted on: Tue, 2022-01-25 11:04
By: cjsfpr
CJSF’s (Virtual) Record Club is back for a brand-new year, so come on down and catch up with us as we talk about the best part of the last one — the MUSIC! Join us this Thursday, Jan. 27 we share, chat about and groove to *~Your Favorite Listens of 2021~* with our host, CJSF Music's Ricky Castanedo-Laredo. Visit the CJSF Virtual Record Club #9: Favourite Listens of 2021 Facebook event to RSVP,...
Posted on: Mon, 2021-12-20 08:52
By: cjsfpr
Attention all CJSF listeners and vols! Due to a campus-wide scheduled power outage, we will go off-air this Wednesday, Dec. 22 starting 8am, and will not be back on air until as late as 6pm that day. The outage means that the CJSF Radio broadcast and webstream will be off the air and will be offline. The Student Union Building and the station will also be closed for the whole day. Visit...