Department Uno playlist for 08/25/2023

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Ep.32 - "Thrown Together"

Clanna Morna "Doherty's / Foxhunter's" - From The Lowlands To The High Seas
Blick Bassy "LoBa" - Madiba
Holobody "Easy (radio edit)" - Cycler
Douyé "I've Got You Under My Skin" - The Golden Sèkèrè
Elia Lucas Quartet "Bach inspirations" - Introspecció
The Orion Experience "Different Drum (Linda Ronstadt)" - Cosmicovers
Sam Scranton "Glad You're Here" - Body Pillow
Loris S. Sarid "Quasi Red" - A Tiny Reminder
Radical Joy "Never Go Back" - We Can Start Over Again
Sofia Talvik "Oh California" - Center of the Universe
Mark Adam Paul & Tragamin "40 Fathoms" - Reflexions: Echo Locations Records
Lenny San "Presence" - Reflexions: Echo Locations Records
Tourment "Distance" - Re:Conceive 2



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