The Arts Edge playlist for 08/14/2020

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Radio Tale #25: My Dad

Part 1: My Dad, a Story of a Life

Part 2: Finding Out - Me, My Dad and My DNA

This personal narrative explores my relationship with my dad and how my discovery - years after his passing – that he was not my biological father helped me to understand him better and the challenges that we had always faced. This narrative also outlines his life and the music of Don MacLean that acts as a sort of eulogy of his life, and an acknowledgement of our relationship.



Chapin, H. (1999). Story of a life. [Recorded by Harry Chapin]. On The gold medal collection [CD]. New York, NY: Elektra. (1988).

Haggard, M. (1973). If we make it through December. [Recorded by Merle Haggard]. On Merle Haggard’s Christmas present [LP]. Nashville, TN: Capitol.

McLean, D. (1971). Starry, starry night. [Recorded by Don McLean]. On American pie [LP]. New York, NY: United Artists.

Ulrich, S. (1980). Oh daddy. [Recorded by Shari Ulrich]. On Long nights [LP]. Vancouver, BC: A&M.

  • Posted on: 13 August 2020
  • By: Annie Roach