Studio 6 Live Sessions

Intimate musical performances, recorded live from CJSF's mysterious Studio 6.

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Recent #Studio6Live Sessions:

Ivory Towers (Apr. 26, 2019; recorded Feb. 21, 2019)

(WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.)

In this second episode of Studio 6 Live, Quinne Rodgers of Ivory Towers turns the CJSF studios into a plant-filled, dream-like audiovisual extravaganza. 

Quinne Rodgers is a visual artist, video director and musician from Vancouver, BC, and is formerly half of feminist electronic duo MYTHS - find out more about her "haunted music evocation project" Ivory Towers at 

You can listen to Ivory Towers online at and, from where you can also buy her music made under the Ivory Towers name.

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Previously on #Studio6Live:

Quinn Pickering (Feb. 15, 2019; recorded Dec. 7, 2018) 

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