New Volunteer Exec Positions!

We're looking for people to fill two Volunteer Exec positions at CJSF: the Training Coordinator position and a brand-new Volunteer Coordinator position!

Both Volunteer Exec positions are among the most important positions at CJSF, as virtually all of our programming and other initiatives are undertaken by volunteers. Bring your enthusiasm, fresh ideas and volunteer training and coordination skills to CJSF!  

If working in community media and/or volunteer development excites you, send your application(s) to c/o Magnus Thyvold, Station Manager by August 14, 2017.

See below for job descriptions and links to full job postings.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the volunteer experience, especially for new volunteers, and ensuring that volunteering for CJSF is a positive experience. They are in charge of interviewing new volunteers, matching them to jobs, and enabling them to succeed. The Volunteer Coordinator works closely with CJSF’s core staff and executives and reports to the Station Manager. This is a volunteer position; however, a monthly honorarium of $300 is provided, and $200 of professional development funding may be requested each year.

Applcation Deadline: August 27.

Full Posting: Volunteer Coordinator

Training Coordinator

The Training Department provides technical and training to new volunteers on proper use of the studios and technical equipment and the responsibilities and requirements of hosting a radio program at CJSF. The Coordinator organizes and facilitates the training workshops, including contacting and scheduling participants.

The Department's Head reports to the Station Manager and Board of Directors. It will take approximately 10 office hours or more per week to coordinate the department, and there is a requirement that the Department Co-ordinator attend General Meetings and Executive Committee meetings (about 1.5 hours every two weeks) and co-ordinate volunteers to maintain the department. After one year the position may be renewed after a review.

This is a volunteer position. However, a monthly honorarium of $300 is provided to the department co-ordinator and $200 of professional development funding may be requested each year.

Applcation Deadline: August 14 at 12 noon.

Full Posting: Training Coordinator

  • Posted on: 2 August 2017
  • By: cjsfpr