Wham! Bam! EAST VAN! playlist for 01/30/2024

Artist Title Album Label Link
Vancouver POPS Main Title from Star Wars (cover)
Charlie Monroe Band SunWalkin
Coldweld Broken Promises
Heathanz Sinz Agony Cold Dead Hand
SuicideShift Open The Gate
Muffdusters Now or Never WIDWIO
Barry Wilson Nancy Guitar Theme Song - Season 4
Bong Chow Gold
Peter Tam Never Too Old To Rock & Roll
Phuture Memoriez Auto Crash Super Awesome Fantastic Distortion Machines Nerve Wracking Collection
Porch Fling Cockolder SHITSHOW!
Red Herring The Brain Song Neon
Rennie Foster Baba Mac Rising
REV'D Get Lucky (cover)
Robert Koyich Future's Freeze Handful of Heart
Rock Voodoo If Not For You I Wouldn't Know Where I Would Be
CLONE Queen Knock Out Drops Vol. 2
Super Distorter Straight To Crack Last Ride SD
Ryan Fischer Private Warfare Commercials for Heaven
Saints of Death You Can't Run Ascend to the Throne
SAVI Game Game
Sharon Bailey Leaving Town Play Me a Song
Sleepcircle Consumed Strange Life
Starchild & The Mystics La Boheme (cover)
Steve Ricardo The Pull RIP PULL SHRED
SugarKain Cruisin for a Brusin
Terell Safadi YVR Girl
The Vanrays Ghosts Bonerattle
Thomas Beckman Jurassic Park Theme (viola cover)
Social Outcasts the corporation beneath the sleeping city / volume one
Troy Ounce Alright Troy Ounce & The Alley Cat Drunx
Eraserheads Alapaap Circus Musiko
RcThaHazard f/ Tyrow James Surrey Celebz Chicken Wing King
WARRBORN Bury the Bones
Jeremy Price Quartet Una Mas (cover)
Haunted Within, The The Haunted Within
Vicious 5150 Rambling On
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Welcome to PART 2, the continuation of showcasing Wham Bam East Van guests from 2023 from the letter L to Z.  Vote for your favorites by going to the Wham Bam East Van Facebook page and voting ends January 31st.  Have fun and if you would like to be a guest on our show, please contact us and maybe you can be on this fabulous list next year??  Wham! Bam! EAST VAN!

  • Posted on: 7 February 2024
  • By: DJ Medy