The Vancouver Mixtape playlist for 09/30/2018

Artist Title Album Label Link
Biawanna Take You Back Single
Cenzine Talk to Me (Feat. Teon Gibbs) Single
India Eliot Done and Alone India Eliot
Laverne Blue Single
Dadweed Soft I Dreamt I Was Running
Dead Soft Bones Single
Mind Offline Crown High Brow Session and Mind Offline (Live at the Avant-Garden)
Elza Swayed Single
Georgia Lee Johnson Come Back Wanderling
Kazuo Pumpkin Pie Tense
Prado I Don't Go To Church Anymore Single
Lee Rosevere Wireless Single
Palm Haze Drop In Single
Program Audio: 

Jamie plays a lot of fun exciting new music, and maybe even a couple of older jams that will draw the ire of Jesse, BUT WHATEVER HE WASN'T AT THIS SHOW SO HA. I know you're reading this, Jesse.

  • Posted on: 1 October 2018
  • By: cjsfpa