The Vancouver Mixtape playlist for 01/29/2023

Artist Title Album Label Link
Nat Middleman Single
Cain Price A Moment Single
Kylie V Runaway Single
Madelyn Read Fair-Weather Rider Single
Apollo Ghosts Gave Up The Dream Single
Lila Gray Wild Tension Single
Ché Aimee Dorval The Crowned The Crowned
Soleil Sunshine Summerland
Tissa Rahim, Dominique Fricot Done, Done, Done Single
Babe Corner Bianca Single
LEATHERS Highrise Single
Regularfantasy So Sweet New Glow EP
Bananahaus pecking order welcome to the bananahaus
Rougaroux Shit Dude! Go for the Face
Program Audio: 

Jamie and Jesse return to the main studio in Burnaby to catch up on the last month or so of new music from independent musicians in the Vancouver area.


  • Nat "Middleman" - Single
  • Cain Price "A Moment" - Single
  • Kylie V "Runaway" - Single
  • Madelyn Read "Fair-Weather Rider" - Single
  • Apollo Ghosts "Gave Up The Dream" - Single
  • Lila Gray "Wild Tension" - Single
  • Ché Aimee Dorval "The Crowned" - The Crowned
  • Soleil "Sunshine" - Summerland
  • Tissa Rahim, Dominique Fricot "Done, Done, Done" - Single
  • Babe Corner "Bianca" - Single
  • LEATHERS "Highrise" - Single
  • Regularfantasy "So Sweet" - New Glow EP
  • Bananahaus "pecking order" - welcome to the bananahaus
  •  "Shit Dude!" - Go for the Face


  • Posted on: 2 February 2023
  • By: cjsfpa