Speak Up! playlist for 03/15/2023

Artist Title Album Label Link
Michelle Heyoka pull up for you
Hayley Wallis Coffee Cup Halulu
Menyenya Pairapo! Single
Michelle Heyoka for you for you
Michelle Heyoka fantasy for you
Michelle Heyoka angel for you
Michelle Heyoka Home Single
Menyenya Changu Chabata! Changu Chabata!
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Good morning Vancouver,

welcome back to this sunny morning here on this beautiful mountain in Burnbaby, BC.

Today is a special episode, because your host Vivienne had a special guest on air: Indigenous singer-songwriter and mother of two: Michelle Heyoka. Michelle shared her story and how she started her music career. She opened up about how music gives her strengh and helped to overcome fear, heartbreak and alcoholism. She is an inspiring young women that loves to sing, is a very loving mother and Vivienne and she had a great talk about the important things in life and how music can help you overcoming your current issues.

Vivienne and Michelle met at a SofarSound event three weeks ago and Vivienne decided to get her on air, because her voice and her story were very touching. And if you ever want to experience such an event, than you should definitely check out their website and their instagram!

Check out Michelle:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michelleheyoka/?hl=en

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6pY5d3ykbZzKnqIoVTyGgo

Now enjoy the show and tune in above!

  • Posted on: 15 March 2023
  • By: Vivienne