Rad Radio playlist for 06/22/2017

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This week I was joined in the studio, via the miracle technology of land line telephone, by Jawsh from the radtastic skate/drunk punk band, TRASHED AMBULANCE. They've got a brand new EP out on Thousand Island Records, entitled "A Dime For Every Time". I chatted with Jawsh about where to play when your from Red Deer Alberta, Why people should listen to his band, and different ways to pronounce his name.... all in all a good interview, Oh yeah, I think we talked about the album in there somewhere. Also, did you know Rancid has a new album out?

  • Fire Next Time "black banner" - Cold Hands
  • Jesse Lebourdais "The First Time That I Screamed" - Long Winter
  • Off With Their Heads "Start Walking" - Won't Be Missed
  • Larry & His Flask "Flags & Concrete" - All That We Know
  • The Builders & The Butchers "Red Hands" - Self Titled
  • Devil In The Wood Shack "Dusty Blood" - Self Titled
  • Old Man Markley "Guts & Teeth" - Guts & Teeth
  • The Matadors "They Came In The Night" - Say You Love Satan
  • The Brains "Need You Now" - Out In The Dark
  • The Brains "Break" - Out In The Dark
  • Benedict Arnold "Hit It Harder" - Bringing It Back Vol. 1
  • Koffin Kats "A Return To Purgatory" - Bringing It Back Vol. 2
  • Trashed Ambulance "Hangover Drive" - A Dime For Every Time
  • Trashed Ambulance "Metronome" - A Dime For Every Time
  • Trashed Ambulance "Doofus" - A Dime For Every Time
  • Trashed Ambulance "Candy Stripers" - A Dime For Every Time
  • Trashed Ambulance "Mulligan" - A Dime For Every Time
  • Trashed Ambulance "Effin 101" - A Dime For Every Time
  • Rancid "Track Fast" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "Ghost Of A Chance" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "Telegraph Ave" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "An Intimate Close Up Of A Street Punk Trouble Maker" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "Where I'm Going" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "Buddy" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "Farewell Lola Blue" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "All American Neighbourhood" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "Bovver Rock And Roll" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "Make It Out Alive" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "Molly Make Up Your Mind" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "I Got Them Blue Again" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "Beauty Of The Pool Hall" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "Say Goodbye To Our Heros" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "I Kept A Promise" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "Cold Cold Blood" - Trouble Maker
  • Rancid "This Is Not The End" - Trouble Maker
  • The Interrupters "Phantom City" - Say It Out Loud
  • Posted on: 12 September 2017
  • By: JonnyBones