Rad Radio playlist for 06/14/2018

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Holy hell what a night! Three, that's right count 'em, three different bands all crammed into one episode. From talking dicks in all forms with Beaverette in the first hour, to chatting about the "Swing and a miss Two'er" five-band, double show extravaganza with some of the boys from REDS and The Corps, this episode had it all.... oh yeah, somewhere in there we managed to play a ton of pretty rad punk rock!

  • Vicious Cycles "Bad News Travels Fast" - Bad News Travels Fast
  • SUBHUMANS "No" - .
  • Citizen Fish "Human Conditioner" - Goods
  • Bishops Green "Pressure" - Pressure
  • The Muffs "Beat Your Heart Out" - Self Titled 7"
  • Teenage Head "Picture My Face" - Self Titled
  • Beaverette "Your Boyfriend's A Dick" - Single
  • Beaverette "Devil Dick" - Single
  • The Rules "Don't Be A Rude Boy" - Trojan Comp
  • The Rio Grandes "Soliders Take Over" - Trojan Comp
  • Artificlal Dissemination "I Like U Better When U Were Dead" - Take Us to Your Leader
  • Artifical Dissemination "Don't Care" - Take Us To Your Leader
  • Toiletboys "You Got It" - Single
  • Dreadnoughts "Jericho" - Foreign Skies
  • The Corps "Supergirl" - Tales from 2814
  • Shockload "Death of the Middle Class" - Big D
  • REDS "Can't Fool Me" - Rebel Spell Cover
  • AntEater "Jacks Hill" - Smashed Antholes
  • You Big Idiot "Ted Danson Plane" - Mega Donair
  • Russian Tim & Pavel Bures "Alkogolik" - Rocket From Russia Comp
  • Jesse Lebourdais "Welcome" - Long Winter

Keep Creepin'
 - Jonny Bones


  • Posted on: 19 June 2018
  • By: JonnyBones