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Greeting Ghouls, 

 Not a lot a talk, just a shit ton of Punk Rock this week as we spun you a tremendous taste of all the amazing bands you can experience this year at the 21st annual Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival happening May 24th-27th in Sin City itself, LAS VEGAS!


If you've never made the trip down to the desert to experience this last bastion of pure punk rock, I highly suggest you save up your pennies and turn in all your tin cans for their deposits and buy youself a ticket, as this years line up in absolutely stacked! If you're looking for the best bang for your concert going buck, you can NOT do any better than this 3 day festival. 


We spun tunes for 2 hours straight and we still couldn't fit in songs from every band playing the main festival. Add that in with all the free pool party shows and various club shows happening across old vegas and you've got yourself  a bonafide recipe for rad!


Tune in next week when we'll have more tunes, some local happenings to chat about and other various odds and sods that we manage to come up with. Until next week...


Keep Creepin'

 - Jonny Bones


  • The Specials "Little Bitch" - The Specials
  • Rancid "Cold, Cold Blood" - Troublemaker
  • Descendents "Rotting Out" - Everything Sucks
  • The Refused "New Noise" - The Shape Of Punk To Come
  • Black Flag "Rise Above" - Damaged
  • The Hives "Walk Idiot Walk" - Tyrannosaruses Hives
  • The Damned "Machine Gun Etiquette" - Machine Gun Etiquette
  • The Stranglers "No More Heros" - No More Heros
  • The Vandals "Money's Not An Issue" - Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
  • Fear "I Love Living In The City" - Living In the City 7"
  • The Undertones "Teenage Kicks" - Teenage Kicks
  • Perkele "Heart Full Of Pride" - No Shame
  • Shame "Tasteless" - Songs Of Praise
  • Adolescents "Kids Of The Black Hole" - Adolescents
  • Fucked Up "Raise Your Voice Joyce" - Dose Your Dreams
  • Dead Boys "Sonic Reducer" - Young, Loud & Snotty
  • Street Dogs "Two Angry Kids" - State Of Grace
  • Sloppy Seconds "Fifteen Minutes Or Its Free" - More Troble Than They're Worth
  • The Casualties "Ashes Of My Enemies" - Written In Blood
  • Teenage Bottle Rocket "Haunted House" - Tales From Wyoming
  • The Toasters "Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down" - Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down
  • The Pietasters "Out All Night" - Willis
  • The Skints "This Town" - FM
  • The Coathangers "Hurricane" - Larceny & Old Lace
  • Louise Distras "Land of Dope and Glory" - Street Revolution
  • The Lillingtons "Insect Nightmare" - Stella Sapiente
  • Ravagers "Just Another Rad" - Natural Instinct
  • Lower Class Brats "Ultra Violence" - Rather Be Hated Than Ignored
  • Night Birds "My Dad Is The BTK" - Roll Credits
  • Grade 2 "All I Know" - Mainstream View
  • Faz Waltz "Good Time Is Callin' Loud" - Callin' Loud
  • Drug Church "Avoidarama" - Cheer
  • The Split Seconds "Everybodys Wrong" - Counterfeit Reality
  • The Drowns "Eternal Debate" - Eternal Debate
  • The Radiator Rattlers "Hold On" - Hold On
  • The Droogettes "Hooligans" - Vice Squad/Droogettes Split
  • Maid Of Ace "Made In England" - Maid In England
  • Posted on: 25 January 2019
  • By: JonnyBones