Jumbalaya playlist for 08/18/2020

Artist Title Album Label Link
Run the Jewels yankee and the brave (ep.4) RTJ4
Pottery Down in the Dump Welcome to Bobby's Motel
Five Alrm Funk Awooga Big Smoke
Zoon Help Me Understand Bleached Wavves
Purity Ring Ruby Insides Womb
The Pack AD It's OK It was fun While it lasted
The Primitives Crash Lovely
The Smiths How Soon Is Now Hatful of Hollow
The Priitives Oh Honey Sweet New Thrills
Tough Age Self Confidence Which Way Am I
Orville Peck Dead of Night Pony
Ora Cogan Tell Bells In Ruins
Shaolin Drunk Keep the Gold Shinin' (Intro) Timeless
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How Soon Is Now

Run the Jewels, Pottery, Five Alarm Funk, Zoon, Purity Ring, Purity Ring, The Pack AD, The Primitives, The Smiths, Tough Age, Orville Peck, Ora Cogan, Shaolin Drunk

Hosted by Magnus Thyvold

  • Posted on: 18 August 2020
  • By: mthyvold