IntraVenus playlist for 02/15/2023

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Hayley Kiyoko underground Panorama
Beverly Glenn Copeland La Vita Primal Prayer
Liance Glance TAMSY
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Hi everyone!

Pranjali and Vivienne hosted IntraVenus today!They discussed how dating apps influence our dating life and what changed over the history of dating apps. To have a better perspective on how dating apps change our life and identity, their invited a special guest: Carman Fung, researcher, expert and teacher at SFU.

Pranjali interviewed Carman about her research and it's background. Carman's research is situated in queer Asian studies, cultural studies, media studies, audience studies, and transnational/globalisation studies. They talked about bordercrossing media, ideas and sexual terminologies that influence our personal gender and sexual identities today. Additionally, Carman explained how and why the identity of queer asian women changed from a "tomboy" identity to a more feminine identity and how queer asian women express themselves on lesbian dating apps.

Do you want to have a better insight into the dating app world? Tune in above and enjoy!

  • Posted on: 15 February 2023
  • By: Vivienne