Department Uno playlist for 12/22/2023

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Ep.48 - "Last one before the break"

Ginger Beef "Dew" - Ginger Beef
Sombat Simla "Lai Soy Puen Baan" - Master of Bamboo Mouth Organ: Sombat Simla [Isan, Thailand]
KillMiDi "Spiral Decay" - Oscill8 Collective Vol. 7: A Drum & Bass Compilation
Sophian Alkurdi "Misirlou" - Hey! That's a guitar!
Stoylov "Cold Blooded" - Malvina
Igor Yalivec "Etudes - 1 - MIRAGES" - Etudes
Haleluya Hailu "Pinball" - Pinball (single)
Danshevskaya "Somewhere In The Middle" - Long Is The Tunnel
Arone Dyer & s t a r g a z e "Don't Say" - Arone x s t a r g a z e
Arielle Soucy "Pensée post-mort" - Il n'y a rien que je ne suis pas
Miguel Espinoza Fusion "Howard's Tune" - Gabriella
The Gurdjieff Ensemble, Levon Eskenian "Prayer and Despair" - Zartir
KANGA "Magnolia" - Under Glass
Minor Sine Project "Absolute Unit (Komartsov Remix)" - Until Next Time
Kait Dunton "The Little Funky Drummer Boy" - A Very Keyboards Christmas
Kait Dunton "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town" - A Very Keyboards Christmas



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