Department Uno playlist for 08/18/2023

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Ep.31 - "Back from the Cornfields"

Univore "Path To A Moment" - Turquoise Hands
The Ghost Party "Lonesome Breath" - Lonesome Breath (single)
Soft Fossil "Converted Airliner" - Requiem EP
Alaska Reid "Always" - Disenchanter
Michael Whalen "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me" - Walk In Beauty, Like the Night
Melonyx "Butterfly" - Soul Glow
Dallas David Ochoa "Mirage" - Sirens & Sigils
The Ape-Ettes "Rémi" - Simply
Eric & The Soo "Great Northern Road" - It's A Rich Tapestry (Singles Collection: 2015?-?2023)
Carla Luna White "In a Jar" - Carla Luna White
Moka Only "Restart" - In an of Itself
Max Kukla "Pantalon Fantaisie" - Normal
Clanna Morna "Otter's Holt / Sweeney's Buttermilk" - From The Lowlands To The High Seas
Cinnamon Sandhu "Long Distance" - Love Story
Tyshawn Sorey "Seleritus" - Continuing



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