Department Uno playlist for 03/24/2023

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Ep.15 - "Endelig ny"

Weval "Everything Went Well" - Remember
je'Texas "California Sun" - je'Texas
City of Dawn "Trees Grow Quietly" - Transient Lounge
Greenhouse Ensemble "Medina" - Rez-de-chaussée
Ehua "Piume" - Clouds EP
Django Django "Don't Touch That Dial (feat. Yuuko Sings)" - Off Planet Part 2
Genevieve Artadi "Forever Forever" - Forever Forever
En Attendant Ana "Same Old Story" - Principia
Wesley Joseph "MONSOON" - GLOW
kolezanka "Canals of Our City" - Alone with the Sound the Mind Makes
Loki's Folly "Hiding In Plain Sight" - Sisu
JP Meldrum "Chain Reaction" - Chain of Memories
wzdryAV "Woodland Park Version 3" - Pacific Greyscale Volume 2
Kiji Suedo "Hosek I" - Hosek EP

  • Posted on: 19 January 2024
  • By: cjsfmusic