Department Uno playlist for 03/10/2023

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Ep.12 - "International Women's Day"

Bumpy "Hide & Seek" - Morning Sun (EP)
Marta Mist "Godspeed, Little Doodle" - Eyes Like Pools
Best Fern "Moon On Your Back" - Earth Then Air
Sika Valmé "Dyaspora to the Moon" - erosion eksperyans
Sharon Bailey "Leaving Town" - Play Me A Song
Tina Hartt "Paris s'éveille la nuit" - Absence of You
Viridian "Swim" - How to Survive in the Woods
mmeadows "You Should Know By Now (CLEAN)" - Light Moves Around You
Payphones "Closer To You" - Rioting Heart
zzzahara "julia" - Liminal Spaces
Alivenique "Cachaça" - Year Of The Statement
Karolina "No Mo Me feat. Nitai Hershkovits" - All Rivers
Nicole Dollanganger "Nymphs Finding the Head of Orpheus" - Married In Mount Airy
Mirabelle "Acid Rain" - Flickering Lights
Mayfly "Take Me Away" - HIDEAWAY vol. I

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  • By: cjsfmusic