Department Uno playlist for 02/17/2023

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Ep.8 - "FOG-n-SNOW"

AUS!Funkt "Psychosomatic Glitch" - Psychosomatic Twitch
AstroForte "a quarter cup of cocoa powder" - a quarter cup of sugar
Emelia Austin "Goodbye Indiana" - From Another Sky
bye2 "Injection III Isopod Collection" - Metamorphose
Sharon Bailey "Leaving Town" - Play Me A Song
Best Fern "Jindalee" - Earth Then Air
Lakecia Benjamin "Peace Is A Haiku Song (ft. Sonia Sanchez)" - Phoenix
babyfang "IDWTAI" - In The Face Of
Barbara Blue "Never Stopped Loving You" - From The Shoals
Black Belt Eagle Scout "My Blood Runs Through This Land" - The Land, The Water, The Sky
The Arcs "Only One For Me" - Electrophonic Chronic
Holly Burke, Bill Runge, & Linda Lee "Butterfly" - Dreamride
John Bailey "She's Leaving Home" - Time Bandits
Applesauce Tears "The Warm Embrace" - Artifacts

  • Posted on: 19 January 2024
  • By: cjsfmusic