Department Uno playlist for 01/26/2024

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Ep.52 - "PAW-PLANS"

PAWS "Plans" - PAWS
M. Cross Dougherty "Clear Light" - Cosmic Engine
Ultraviolet "Ophidia" - Ripples & Waves
Can You Carry The Clouds Away "lef twithou t" - Annihilationn_S3ASON
Can You Carry The Clouds Away "invisibl starrscape [feral parrot x CYCTCA]" - Annihilationn_S3ASON
Extraworld "Eccentric Anomaly" - Perihelion
Siberian Dancehall Incident "Paralysis Clouds" - ...this city was never ours
John Ellis Quartet "Habanera" - Bizet: Carmen in Jazz
Bog People "Slow Green Pace" - Bog People
Eric Agyemang & His Kokroko Band "Onyame Som" - Nananom
Immortal Guardian "Echoes" - Unite & Conquer
Triskelyion "Celtic Creatures" - Artificial Insanity
Joey Valence & Brae "KILL BILL (Clean)" - PUNK TACTICS



  • Posted on: 16 February 2024
  • By: cjsfmusic