The Family Crow: Puppetry for grown-ups

Anika Fischer

The Family Crow is an entertaining murder mystery puppetry show for grown-ups. The whole cast consists of one man and his puppet playing all of the characters. What best describes the show is: Puppets, puns and mystery.


The story is a well thought-out mixture of tension and humor. As a viewer you really can immerse into the story. The variety of characters and voices presented by internationally celebrated puppeteer Adam Francis Proulx lets you forget about time and the fact that it’s only one man onstage.

The wonderfully terrible wordplay from Adam kept the crowd entertained and laughing hard.


I recommend the show to anyone! It is the best puppet work I’ve seen in a while and definitely a must-see!

  • Posted on: 12 September 2022
  • By: Anika Fischer