CJSF Pride Programming 2015

Gurpreet Kambo

CJSF Pride Programming Marathon 2015

Tune in Wednesday August 5th for the CJSF 90.1 FM LGBTQ Pride Programming Marathon from 6am to 7pm!

CJSF 90.1 FM takes pride in being an alternative to mainstream media and offers the public a forum for expressing points of view that otherwise may not be heard. As an ally of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer communities of Greater Vancouver, CJSF is as busy as ever with Pride season upon us!

This year, we will once again be featuring a wide array of special programming in acknowledgement and support of Pride Week in Vancouver.

We’ll be featuring LGBTQ music from a variety of genres, round-table discussions on important issues facing the LGBTQ community, queer poetry and storytelling and interviews with artists and activists!

6:00 - 8:00 AM

On the Tracks

Queer Folk Music special

8:00 AM

Special Programming

Queer and Muslim: Reconciling Identities

9:00 AM

Toast and Jams

Interview with “A Modern Fairytale” - A Musical Parody

10:00 AM

Making Contact

Being an Ally to LGBT Communities

10:30 AM

This Way Out

Regular Airing

11:00 AM

Democracy Now

Regular Airing

12:00 PM

SFU Ideas and Issues

PinkWashing: The Queer Critique of Israel's Pro LGBTQ Politics

1:00 PM

Culture Club

Woman with a Penis! Breaking Binary

2:00 PM

Special Programming

Coming Out: How has it changed over the years?

3:00 PM

Special Programming

#Asexual, #Aromantic, #Agender: Alternative Identities

4:00 PM


Roundtable on Bisexuality

4:30 PM


Gender Neutral Washrooms on Campus

5:00 PM


Re-Airing of The Real L Words Ep 11-14

5:30 PM

Special Programming

LGBT Surrey youth advocating for change

6:00 PM

The Jazz Spectrum

Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington's openly gay collaborator 2014 repeat

  • Posted on: 18 March 2016
  • By: Administrator