Vancouver International Film Festival

Sarah Caufield

This year's Vancouver International Film Festival ran from September 27th to October 12th, and among the films at the festival were a refreshing number of foreign films, from countries we rarely hear from in Vancouver. Sarah Caufield, host of the No Show, watched some of these, including Dust, from German director Hartmut Bitomsky, and had this to say...

I've come to the conclusion that Vancouver is an incredibly dusty place. Not because of the recent garbage strike, actually, or the many times I find myself sweeping out my place. But because we get so much rain. Because apparently every raindrop is created by a tiny particle of dust that's been enveloped by water.

This, and other interesting (though strange) factoids come from the documentary Dust, recently shown as a part of the recent Vancouver International Film Festival.

From simply household dust, to hazardous industrial powder, this documentary looks at dust in the most scientific, text-book manner, though in some unexpected ways. From what its made of and where it lies, to how to clean properly and the damage that dust can cause, the only thing that I noticed missing was a segment on asthma and allergies.

From dust collectors to people who make their living from dealing with it, Dust captures some fascinating interviews – who knew that the obsessive-compulsive cleaning woman could be so interesting?

This it's cold German informative style could come across as dry, the cinematography of the film is brilliant, with a marked care given to every shot. Most scenes are captured beautifully, and all for the tiniest particles of dirt!

By the end of the film, you're bound to leave the theatre itching for a shower or two. But you'll also leave with a new appreciation for the thing that may be the most difficult to rid of in life: dust!

The Vancouver International Film Fest is now over, but look for Dust and other festival films to return to the Vancity Film Center , Pacific Cinematheque, and Tinseltown over the coming months.

Dust (Staub)


Dir. Hartmut Bitomsky

  • Posted on: 11 March 2016
  • By: Administrator