Media Democracy Day 2017

The 17th annual Vancouver Media Democracy Day, organized by the Simon Fraser University School of Communication, will be a showcase and networking zone for journalists, scholars, technologists, entrepreneurs, activists – anyone interested in media and social change.

Media Democracy Day 2017 opens at 10am on Nov. 18 at the downtown Vancouver Public Library (350 West Georgia Street) and will run until 6pm, starting with the 2017 Spry Memorial Keynote Exchange, a dialogue between the award-winning Gitsxan journalist Angela Sterritt of the CBC and McGill University media philosopher and activist Darin Barney. They will explore the power and limits of “Solutions Media” as a concept and call to action.

The day continues with a Solutions Media Showcase featuring examples of solutions-focused media in B.C., dealing with topics ranging from saving lives amidst the opioid crisis to tapping the ocean’s energy to making housing affordable to empowering Indigenous women.

Throughout Media Democracy Day, there are roundtables and workshops in which members of the public are invited to fully participate by offering their perspectives and brainstorms. This year, there will also be a Design Jam for making media more trustworthy and sustainable, with prizes for the best ideas.

Admission is free, and all are welcome! Visit for more information on, and pre-registrations for, Media Democracy Day 2017.

  • Posted on: 1 November 2017
  • By: cjsfpr