Wham! Bam! EAST VAN! playlist for 07/13/2023

Artist Title Album Label Link
Harrison 7PM Birds, Bees, The Clouds and The Trees Last Gang
Cafe Tacvba Una Manana MTV Unplugged Warner Music Latina
JoJo O & The Woods A Hungry Love Moonchild
Jennifer Holub Island The Reconing Indiecan
Alicia Hansen Disintegrating Heart Before You
Alicia Hansen Tied To The Post Before You
Alicia Hansen I Disagree Before You
Simone Morris Baby This Works Settling Up
Haleluya Hailu Forgive Me
Program Audio: 

It's TRAINING DAY!  We're putting new volunteer Michelle in the Captain's Chair and it will be her first time on the control board.  With anything new, we will fumble, get stressed, learn from our mistakes, and as long as we keep going we will improve over time.  Check out a pre-recorded interview with Charlotte Sista C with co-host JohnInDaHouse and we'll also play The WHEEL OF SHPEEL!  Whenever we are unsure what to talk about, just spin the wheel and tell your SPHEEL about the topic it lands on.  Have fun!

Repeat of this episode also aired on 3pm Tuesday July 18, 2023.

  • Posted on: 14 July 2023
  • By: DJ Medy