The Vancouver Mixtape playlist for 02/25/2018

Artist Title Album Label Link
Dralms Usage Shook Boompa Records
Elan Noon False Idols (ft. Suz) Have a Spirit Filled Field Mates Records
Wild Friar Driving EP Independent
Horsepowar Weirdo/ BNBG Single Independent
JB The First Lady Still Here Meant to Be Independent
Laydy Jams All Of It Laydy Jams Independent
Nala Mentor Single Independent
INFIDELITY Red Velvet Heels Frankie Independent
Cig Sour Crushed Velvet Purple Circles Independent
Sussy Lemonbalm Material EP Independent
Vic Wolf Where Are You? feat Erin Passmore Loose Ends EP Independent
Emily Rowed Arrows (LA+CH Remix) Electric Heart Independent
Holographic Rabbit Weird Doesn't Have To Mean Unlistenable No One Likes Ambient Music Independent
Program Audio: 

Jesse finds a Dralms album in the bargain bin at Audiopile and the boys play some femmecon/vancon hip hop.

  • Posted on: 13 March 2018
  • By: cjsfpa