The Vancouver Mixtape playlist for 05/05/2019

Artist Title Album Label Link
Jerk Jails Snake Novelist Intra-Slop Independent
Brutal Poodle Low Tide Crowd Control / Low Tide Kingfisher Bluez
Co-Op Scented Garden III Independent
Prxncxss Aprntly Drip Promo Drip Promo Independent
Tanglers Yazzy Tangled in Time Independent
Maskara Worm With Gloves A Visitor Agony Klub
FMAttack Dark Blue Sky New World Starfield Music
Re/Gen Dracula Talk to the Past Independent
Land Line I See You Land Line EP Independent
Juelz Closure (ft. Ruby Chase) Shanghai Nights Fool's Gold Records
bbno$ Hyrule Temple Single Independent
des Hume Out of the Woods Single Independent
Dad Thighs iwrotehaikusabouttheladsinyouryearbook The Final Girl (Split) Old Press Records
Program Audio: 

Jesse curates a new music playlist, while Jamie applies for a communications position by writing fake tweets.

  • Posted on: 7 May 2019
  • By: cjsfpa