Typically Tuesdays playlist for 05/24/2021

Artist Title Album Label Link
Human Tetris Melancholy Memorabilia
Vesna Vesna More komet (Sea of comets) Peremeny Nastroyeniya (Mood Swings)
Motorama Far Away from the City Alps
Priroda 8080 Ada
Proton-4 Polet Vo Sne (Flying in a Dream Navstrechu Nebu (Towards Heaven)
Proton-4 Na Kryl'yakh Mechty (On the wings of a dream) Navstrechu Nebu (Towards Heaven)
Artek Electronica Begi! (Run!) SINGLE
Program Audio: 

Rocket Race to the Sovietwave! Part II

Jade and Leslie continue their deep-dive into the EDM subgenre, Sovietwave. Playing new wave, post-punk Russian tunes and Sovietwave, the duo discuss why western youths love Sovietwave. They also have a discussion about the role that aesthetics and emotions play in the communitas of nostalgia.


References and Further Reading

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Music Moves Europe: Soviet-wave (2020)

Nostalgia Commodified: Towards the marketization of the post-communist past through the new media (Marek Jezinski & Lukasz Wojtkowski, 2016)

Phaser: Nostalgia for the future (2019)

Stranger Things, Vaporwave, and Nostalgia Culture (9-mins)

What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Media and Nostalgia? (Ekaterina Kalinina, 2016)


  • Posted on: 27 May 2021
  • By: lw