Speak Up! playlist for 04/01/2024

Artist Title Album Label Link
Bry Webb Thunder Bay Run with Me
Jeremy Dutcher Pomawsuwinuwok Wonakiyawolotuwok Motewolonuwok
Elisapie Taimaa Qimatsiniungimat (Hey Thats No Way to Say Goodbye) Inuktitut
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Most students make it through their university time having endured nothing worse than hard work and some long nights. BUt if you run into trouble, and academic violation, a conflict with a professor, a dispute over grades or credits or prerequisites, students can find themselves in a very difficult, potentially life- or career-changing bind. The power difference between a student with a complaint and the bureaucratic power of the University is vast and can be extremely difficult to navigate.Fortunately, there is help in the form of the Student Advocates of the SFSS (Trish Everett) and the GSS (Harjap Grewal). In this interview with CJSF, they talk about the services they offer and the problems and power imbalances of the student complaint and appeal system at SFU and universities in general.

  • Posted on: 22 April 2024
  • By: mthyvold