Oh No! Radio playlist for 05/04/2021

Artist Title Album Label Link
Devours Garnet Graves Iconoclast Artoffact
Kimmortal WYD WYD
Shitlord Fuckerman Togawa En Regalia Togawa En Regalia
Shitlord Fuckerman Drink 8 Cups Of Water a Day Teen Repellent Noise Laser
Greenteeth Charm Bracelet Beta Test
Timing X Stay Out of Sector 19 Timing is Xverything
Program Audio: 

Folks todays show is going to be off the chain. We have a full length interview with animator, illustrator and Columbo sommelier Gil Goletski, perhaps more affectionately known by their lovable stage persona shitlord fuckerman.


It's an hour of Gil doing their damnedest to derail the interview process while revealing creative insights into the mind of Vancouver's own lord of hydration. We talk comics, music, Flavourcel Animation Collective

and more! Also featuring music by Devours, Kimmortal, Greenteeth and Timing X.


To keep up with the episode here's a link to Gil's website where you can check out their work.




  • Posted on: 5 May 2021
  • By: joeychaos