Jumbalaya playlist for 12/09/2020

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Welcome to the Wednesday 1 o'clock Jumbalaya - December 9, 2020

Last week I interviewed my neighbours and this week I'll be interviewing my old roommates to see what they're up to.  First up is  Brendon Greene, who is a guitar teacher and he offers FREE guitar lessons online.  I lived with him and an Englishman, Nick in a basement suite and a walk away from Joyce Station.  Super convenient!  The second half of the show is with Ben Katz from Seattle, Washington and he made the move to L.A.  We use to live in a duplex near Main & 49th Avenue with two Frenchies, Claire and Elise.  It was fun sharing a household with so many cool people and making lifelong friends!  

  • Posted on: 10 December 2020
  • By: DJ Medy