Jumbalaya playlist for 12/02/2020

Artist Title Album Label Link
Pack AD It's Okay It Was Fun While It Lasted
Social Outcasts Eat The Rich 3 Chords Chaos
D.O.A. All The President's Men Treason Sudden Death
1865, The Beholden Don't Tread On We
Space Queen DBA Space Queen
Ora Cogan Secret Bells In The Ruins
Logan and Nathan Stumble The Happening Fallen Tree
LFDY88 ,-Lockdown Lockdown
Kingdom No More Same (feat LUVK) Neurofire
Rammstein Deutschland Rammstein
Orville Peck Dead of Night Pony Royal Mountain
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Life sure is better when you have awesome neighbours!

Although they don't live beside me, I'm pretty sure they would give me some TP or a cup of sugar if I needed it.  Introducing Todd from the Blurred Crusade who does the show before me on Wednesdays at HIGH noon and Arndt from Radio Goethe does the show after me at 2PM.  

Grab your cup of tea and biscuits, get to know these guys and enjoy our conversations from Todd's 80's punk scene to Arndt's interesting global journalism career.  Enjoy!

DJ Medy sipping with my pinky up 

  • Posted on: 2 December 2020
  • By: DJ Medy