Jumbalaya playlist for 02/06/2019

Artist Title Album Label Link
Vashti Bunyan Diamond Day Just Another Diamond Day
Abigail Lapell UFO song Getaway
Broken Social Scene All I want All I want
Ndidi O Baby Rise UP These Days
Bloodshot Bill Be My Own Ride
Jock Tears Not Your Sweetheart Bad Boys
Outtacontroller Glassy Eyes Glassy Eyes
Average Times Get Up Seconds
Criminal Kids Takin it back Criminal Kids
Mystery Action Line in the Sand Line in the Sand
Art D’ecco Never Tell Trespasser
Actors We Don’t Have To Dance Part Time Punks Session EP
Colder Crazy Love Again
Rhythm of Cruelty Day In Day Out Saturated
Courtesy Slow bruise Slow bruise
Devo Gut Feeling/ Slap your mammy Are We Not Men?
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  • Posted on: 7 February 2019
  • By: cjsfprog