The Jazz Spectrum playlist for 02/19/2020

Artist Title Album Label Link
Cory Weeds & The Jeff Hamilton Trio How Do You Like Them Apples Dreamsville Weeds/Coon - 2017
Pat Metheny Group (Cross The) Heartland American Garage Metheny/Mays - 1979
Pat Metheny Group Phase Dance Pat Metheny Group Metheny/Mays - 1978
Metheny & Mays Ozark As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls Metheny/Mays - 1981
Pat Metheny Group Distance Still Life (Talking) Mays - 1987
Pat Metheny Group Beat 70 Letter From Home Metheny/Mays - 1989
Lyle Mays Highland Aire Lyle Mays Mays - 1986
Lyle Mays Hard Eights Fictionary Mays - 1993
Lyle Mays Let Me Count The Ways Solo Mays - 2000
Program Audio: 

The Amayzing Lyle Mays

Featuring the music of Grammy Award winning keyboardist Lyle Mays, who passed away February 10 at age 66.  Best known as the co-founder of the Pat Metheny Group and co-composer with Pat Metheny of many of their greatest songs, Mays also had a significant, if underappreciated solo career.  I'll highlight selections from both phases of his career.  

It's what I play!

  • Posted on: 20 February 2020
  • By: Jazz Spectrum