Department Uno playlist for 08/04/2023

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Ep.30 - "Dirty Thirty"

Triton "Swollen Ankles" - So Far, So Good
Redline Trio "No Limes for Jeffery" - Underdog
La Fonda "Kaleidoscope" - We Are Infinite
Wren Hinds "Wild Eyes" - Don't Die In The Bundu
Milly Raccoon "Offering To The Fae" - Frankincense and Myrrh
Half Moon Run "Goodbye Cali" - Salt
Goose "Mandelbrot Zoom" - Oasis in Space
Gaea Schell "Summer Sea" - In Your Own Sweet Way
McKinley Dixon "Run Run Run [Clean Edit]" - Beloved! Paradise! Jazz?
Noble Oak "River's Edge" - When It Finds You
Oranje "Balk" - Pure Sport
Shane Krause "Conjunctions No?.?1 Realization No?.?1 - Geode" - Conjunctions - for Johannes Kepler SET ONE - Geodesic
Kedr Livanskiy "Kayf Mir" - K-Notes
Cornelius "????? (Environmental)" - ??? (Dream in Dream)
Javier Nero Jazz Orchestra "Time" - Kemet: The Black Land (Outside In Music)



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