Department Uno playlist for 02/09/2024

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Ep.54 - "A Fine February Friday"

Moonchild "Cure (Acoustic)" - Reflections
Miina "Slow Motion EP" - Protect
Ormiston "Distortion Of Reality" - Highway Restaurant
Ormiston "Lose Yourself" - Highway Restaurant
OAKK "The Low (feat. TF Marz)" - Moving On EP
Peter Manning Robinson "Sparring" - Disturbances
Mocean Worker "Shout Chorus" - Boombox
Michael Peter Olsen "Terms of Desertion" - Narrative of a Nervous System
Onyon "Blue Lagoon" - Last Days On Earth
Rec Centre "Lion Eats a Gazelle" - Maxed Out!
Locket "Kilayear" - Superluminal
Nalepa "Nectarine Blossoms" - The Flowers
Nalepa "Passion Fruit Tunnel" - The Flowers
Slim Sandy & The Hilbilly Boppers "Dreamin' of You" - Lazy Day
Last Ark Out "Late To The Game" - Lift
The Golden Age of Wrestling "Earthworm Gym" - Scorpion Deat



  • Posted on: 9 February 2024
  • By: cjsfmusic