Department Uno playlist for 02/02/2024

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Ep.53 - "How to Party"

John Baron "How to Party" - Happy Medium
Last Ark Out "Late To The Game" - Lift
Sarah Jarosz "When The Lights Go Out" - Polaroid Lovers
JEEN "JUST SHADOWS" - Gold Control
Antistatic "Loading..." - Relics
Cheekface "Grad School" - It's Sorted
TR/ST "Run (feat. Cecile Believe)" - TR/ST EP
Jackson Ramsey "The Hike" - Tropical Drone
glass beach "coelacanth" - plastic death
glass beach "whalefall" - plastic death
?PAN "Feel The Heat Inside Of Me" - Reborn
Quatour Bozzini "String Quartet No. 4, IV" - Jürg Frey: String Quartet No. 4
Dave Stryker "Cold Duck" - Groove Street
Luke Hess "Woodward Ave." - These Streets



  • Posted on: 9 February 2024
  • By: cjsfmusic