Radio Documentary - Call for Proposals

Magnus Thyvold

CJSF 90.1FM is Calling for Proposals to fund four radio documentaries in the first of four funding rounds; Deadline for applications is August 26th. 2015

Radio should be for everyone. CJSF and community radio want to create opportunities for passionate community radio volunteers and make radio accessible for those who have been historically marginalized in mainstream media. CJSF and community media are driven by volunteers, but volunteering isn’t something everyone can make time to do.

The Making Time for Radio Project seeks to support those passionate about community media by creating paid opportunities to make radio documentaries that explore an important issue and/or tell a compelling story. CJSF is looking for people to create entertaining, educational and well researched radio documentaries on a topic, event or person(s) that will captivate listeners through thoughtful storytelling, a diverse range of sound elements and a high quality of production.

See the full CALL FOR PROPOSALS. Application Deadline: August 26th 2015

There will be four (4) calls for documentary proposals over the next several months. There will be two separate calls for 15 minute documentaries, one call for 30 minute documentaries and one call for 60 minute documentaries.

The Documentary Project

This is the first of four calls for documentary proposals. CJSF Radio is funding four (4) Radio Documentary Producers (or teams)   to create four original 15 minute radio documentaries to air on CJSF and other campus/community radio stations across Canada. We welcome proposals from CJSF members and non-members, students and non-students and people with different experience, skill levels and backgrounds.

Previous radio experience is an asset but not mandatory to receive funding for your documentary. Successful proposals, however, will include a certain level of complexity and sophistication. A radio documentary is not simply an interview or several interviews woven together. It needs to incorporate several distinct elements including exposition, interviews, strong story structure, and different textures and sound design techniques.

See the full CALL FOR PROPOSALS. Application Deadline: August 26th 2015


Experience performing interviews – public affairs, human interest, academic, arts, informational, investigative etc.
Experience with independent research and self-directed project work
Interest in community radio and media
Well organized
Able to meet deadlines
Audio editing/production

In addition to these general qualifications, each successful applicant will demonstrate experience in one or more of these areas:

Writing (eg. Journalistic, opinion, scripting)
Research (eg. Qualitative, topic research, current affairs, in depth story exploration)
Public Speaking (eg. Presentation development, scripting, speaking)

While successful applicants will primarily be working independently, CJSF will provide documentary production and storytelling training. CJSF staff and experienced radio producers will offer workshops intended to provide feedback and help develop story maps and production schedules.

Access to CJSF studios will be available and portable recorders will also be available for short term loan.


$375/ 15 minutes radio documentary
You can submit proposal as individual or team

How to Apply:

Application deadline: August 26, 2015
Apply with documentary proposal, cover letter, resume (for each team member) and links/copies of relevant media work (if available).
The proposals of successful applications will describe:
A compelling documentary topic,
An explanation for choosing the topic,
Clearly identify the thesis statement/goal/objective of the documentary (i.e. to following one man’s arduous journey through training for and racing a triathlon),
Who you plan to talk and interview for the story,
Audio elements you want to include (music, sound effects, ambience, news clips etc.)
Links to original media you’ve produced if available

Attn: Station Manager
Simon Fraser University Campus Radio Society
TC 216 Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC,
V5A 1S6
or email to (please put Radio Documentary Proposal in the subject line)

If you intend to submit more than one proposal, please submit each one separately. Applicants will be funded for only one documentary project per round. Once documentary projects have been selected, producers will have 6 weeks to complete their documentary.

CJSF encourages applications from individuals from groups historically marginalized in media access including, but not limited to those who identify as Aboriginal or First Nations, women, LGBTQ+, persons of colour and newcomers, or those with restricted financial resources.

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