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Director: Fredrik von Krusenstjerna and Richard Solarz, Sweden, 2008, 90 minutes

Wednesday May 27 | 7:00PM | Vancity Theatre

Necrobusiness is about the seamy side of the undertaking business. Now you might expect a Dateline style, serious take on the subject. Instead the director finds himself an earnest but streetwise investigative journalist, Monika Sieradzka, to track down these nefarious gents.

(And unlike in most docs about notorious figures, he grants her an interview and gives her a ride to the train.)

A murder attempt reveals the dark side of a small Polish town. It turns out that the government offers a subsidy everytime soemone dies, in order to pay for the funeral. Well, when the owner of a chain of funeral homes realizes that there are creative ways he can up his average of 5 deaths per month, the trail of kickbacks leads to some interesting places. 

One priceless moment: In the middle of the trial, two prominent members of the town are outed in their role in the scheme. Both react like Homer Simpson, clapping their hands over thier heads and turning red. (It is hard to believe this is real. Many people have been murdered.)

The film plays like a whimsical British television show, where everyone is an eccentric and it seems like all of these "real life" people could have imaginary careers as character actors. 

A very interesting film twisting the expecations of what a documentary can be. DOXA bring some more like this to Vacouver please!

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