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Program Highlights

WINGS #06-16

Love Your Fat! It's a radical act.
Plum Kettle is about to have drastic weight-loss surgery when she falls into the company of radical feminists whose examples include to eat unapologetically and to get revenge on patriarchy. Author . . . HIGHLIGHTS page

The Second Coming of Joan of Arc

a radio drama in 3 parts (WINGS #07-, #08-, and #09-16)
Reprise of a popular WINGS series adapted from a live performance of the multi-award-winning one-woman play by Carolyn Gage, in which Joan of Arc analyzes her successes and also her naivete in . . . HIGHLIGHTS page

Medicalization of Sex

Wed. Aug 10, noon-1; Tues Aug 16, 4-5 pm
Speakers from SFU's 2011 academic conference on the Medicalization of Sex: Barbara Marshall, Chair of Sociology at Trent U., on medicalization of sex in older persons. Judy Segal teaches rhetoric of . . . HIGHLIGHTS page

ΛtopA&E Reviews

Upcoming Workshops at CJSF!
by Maegan Thomas

Upcoming Workshops: May 4, 18th - Recording & Short Interviews (1:30pm-3pm CJSF Burnaby TC216) | May 12 - Journalism 101: Fact Checking (6:30 pm Harbour Centre 1525) | May 18 -  Podcasting 101: The Big Picture (6:30 pm Harbour Centre 1510) | May 25 - Collectives 101: Basics of Building and Maintaining a Collective (6:30 pm Harbour Centre 1510) | click through from more details...   continued...

SFSS Accessibility Fund - SFU Ideas & Issues
by Maegan Thomas

Notes from our April 20  & April 27 stories on the SFSS Accessibility Funds. continued...

Julia Holter at the Cobalt Review
by Trevor Wilson

A sellout in Vancouver is an uncommon thing for a non-domestic independent artist, unless the booking agent has done some horrible research and booked an adequate venue, or the artist is some massive superstar. But, with that being said, every now and then some artists are skyrocketed into the limelight by various publications, or craze whipped up by social media and actually sell out the show. continued...

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Featured Programs

Asian Heritage Month, BC Student's Association and Punjabi Women's Access t
Community Forum
aired May 26 from 4:00pm-5:00pm
Ken McAteer, Beverly Nann, Dakota McGovern, Prab Chahil
Ken McAteer and Beverly Nann join our host Chanel Klein for a live interview about ExplorASIAN and Asian Heritage Month. Dakota McGovern from the BC continued...

SFU in the Movies
SFU Ideas & Issues
aired May 25 from 12:00pm-1:00pm
plus Health Matters: Strokes
First up, this week on the Health Matters show we investigate: Strokes. From the various misconceptions to treatment options, we have Margaret continued...

Korean Hardcore Music
Culture Club
aired May 25 from 1:00pm-2:00pm
hosted by Hoon
Hoon hosts an hour of Korean Hardcore Music. As he says, spending time at CJSF promoting the local scene in the Lower Mainland inspired him to continued...

Dr Vandana Shiva - "Ecofeminist Visionary"
aired May 25 from 4:00pm-5:00pm
from Scripps College Humanities Institute's Fall 2003 program "Poverty"
The Ecofeminist Visionary: Dr Vandana Shiva, world renowned activist and educator around commodification, especially of nature and cultural continued...

WINGS #05-16 Is Free Trade Fair?
aired May 25 from 5:00pm-5:30pm
And is it good for women?
Kate Raphael of KPFA Women's Magazine asks Professors Maria Floro and Stephanie Seguino, two of the premiere voices on gender equity and continued...

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