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Tampopo at the Cinematheque
by Chris Spangenberg

I told myself that my two teachers, both middle-aged Chinese gentlemen, were the last people I'd take to see Tampopo. I told my brother as much, and he agreed. Yet as it turned out, both my teachers accompanied me to the Cinematheque late this January to watch the new digital restoration of Tampopo on the big screen. It's a strange world where elderly Taoist disciples accept an invitation to see the only ramen-western in the world, but for them to enjoy it as thoroughly as myself? Perhaps it is only such a human film as Tampopo that can draw both me and two Taoists—not to mention the rest of Vancouver—to the Cinematheque on a dark winter's night. continued...

John Cullen Live at Yuk Yuk's
by Sophia Gaba

When you’re in the gifted program in school alongside very intelligent children who will grow up to be lawyers, doctors, and engineers, getting voted “Most Likely to be a Comedian” is not entirely a good thing. In the words of local comedian John Cullen, it means “that everyone thinks you will the most likely to be making less than $15,000 a year”.  continued...

On The Silver Globe at the Cinematheque
by Chris Spangenberg

I’m a changed man. I usually say that after every encounter with another specimen film from the far fringe of our civilization, but this time it feels different in my gut. There is a ‘first’ for every film, from your generic ‘firsts’— first kiss, firstborn, first watching of 2001: A Space Odyssey — and then there’s the first time you watch an Andrzej Zulawski film. That happens only once too, but the experience invades your psyche with such exquisite tendrils.  continued...

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