World Radio Day
    To air on: Tuesday, February 13, 2018

    World Radio Day 2018 is a chance to strengthen diversity, peace and development through sports broadcasting.

    Diversity in Sports Coverage - Through the coverage of traditional and grassroots games, radio can reconnect people with their cultural heritage, promoting freedom of expression and diversity through cultural expression.

    Gender Equality in Sports Broadcasting - Sports coverage is hugely powerful in shaping norms and stereotypes about gender. Radio has the ability to challenge these norms, promoting a balanced coverage of men's and women's sports and a fair portrayal of sportspeople irrespective of gender.

    Peace and Development through Sports Coverage - Through greater coverage of sports for peace and development initiatives, the universal values of non-violence, solidarity and tolerance are recognized and celebrated.

    Black History Month
    To air on: Thursday, February 1, 2018

    February 1st-28th, CJSF celebrates Black History Month with special programming. From interviews with famous activists to examinations of Vancouver and Burnaby's own Black histories, expecta mix a music, talk and interviews, including special episodes of regular programs like Speak Up!

    Stay tuned for more programming details!