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CJSF Public Affairs & News Team
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Public affairs and social justice stories, interviews and recordings from the communities that CJSF serves. Story idea? Email

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Burnaby & Mount Pleasant Community Voices

CJSF speaks to North Burnaby & Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood houses (and more!)
This week Hanna Petersen brings us voices from the North Burnaby Community Fair, while Nathalie Lopez talks to members of the community at the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood house!

Behind Bars, Behind the Mic

CJSF & Letters for the Inside (Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group)
This week's Community Forum features a Prisoner Justice Day (August 10) special from 2013, a collaboration of CJSF and Letters for the Inside, a research project that benefits prisoner education.

To learn more about the program, here is an interview from 2014 with then coordinator Lisa Orton.

Grand Marshalls of the Dyke March & the Pride Parade

Cicely Belle (Black Lives Matter); Danny Ramadan (Syrian activist)
Today on the show, we bring you stories from two community gatherings - the Dyke March and the Pride Parade.

First up, interviews with Cicely Belle of Black Lives Matter Vancouver (who were the Grand Marshal of the Dyke March) and with attendees. Also from the Dyke March, performances by poet Dia Davina and winner of the CBC Searchlight Competition, Desiree Dawson. Thank you to Hillary Kaplan for recordings and interviews!

In the second half, Maegan talks to Danny Ramadan, Grand Marshal off the Pride Parade 2016, activist, writer and educator, staff at Qmunity, and subject of 10,579KM: A Queer Journey from Damascus to Vancouver: upcoming film at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival.


Love Intersections

with David Ng and Kira Yee
Love Intersections ( is a blog and video series which explores and celebrates intersections within the LGBTQ community with a focus on race, culture, love, and relationships (and food).

We talk to David Ng about the project and Pride, hear his thoughts on some of our fave entries in the series, including their most recent entry on Black Lives Matter, and learn about what's next (VQFF, Diverse Appetites).

Plus, we go in depth with one subject Kira Yee, a soft spoken pillar of strength, who participated in the project. She talks about the challenges, lessons and joys of becoming herself and the intersections she lives. Yee is also an advocate through Theatre for Living, PeerNet BC, Vancouver Parks & Rec Board committees, and TransCare BC. She is the Trans Care BC Pride Coordinator, so find her at QMUNITY July 31 to learn more about the project and get swag to show your trans pride and solidarity.

Indian Summer Festival

plus Afrofuturism, from the archives
Gurpreet hosts this week, bringing you content from the Indian Summer festival.

Kurdish Women Warriors

Kurdish history, music, culture and freedom fighting.
produced by Beyan Farshi, hosted by Maegan Thomas, originally aired during Int'l Human Rights Day.

The Kurds, a non-Arab, non-Iranian and non-Turkish people, originated in the Middle East, inhabited historically the region surrounding the Zagros Mountains area in the Middle East, known as Kurdistan (The Land of the Kurds). They speak their own language and due to linguistic, archaeological and mythological evidences, Kurds are considered by historians as a branch of the Indo-European families.

The UN Declaration of Human Rights declares rights to national identity, while the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples outlines rights of people native to a land to certain rights. And yet, many peoples including the Kurdish find themselves oppressed and dispersed.

In commemoration of Int'l Human Rights Day and the incredible work they do, we highlight Kurdistan and their struggle for peace, freedom and cultural recognition - specifically the struggle by some incredible Kurdish Women.

This episode includes audio from "Women Warriors of Kurdistan" A public panel discussion with Hanna Böhman & Nissy Koye
more event info:
full audio:
just the Bohman interview:

If you enjoyed the music check out:
more from Beyan Farshi (now off air)

this episode of Wandering Rhythms (Mondays 12): Rings Around Kurdistan


1. Yalda Abbasi – “Le Yare”, meaning my beloved one. Yhe song tells the story of displacement, oppression and torture. And she is sad because her beloved one has been killed!

2. Hasan Zeerak – “Hewri Lar” – Hewri is a Kurdish women’s hat decorated with jewelry. The song is about his lover who wears Hewri. In the next part of the song he complains about being homeless and without country and also about life being unfair and unjust.

3. Hani Mojtahedee – She is singing in Kurdish Hewrami dialect, mixes classic with jazz and rap music. This song calls “Chemsiyagel” – meaning “ Black eyes”, is a folkloric song.

4. Shivan Parwar – “ Sarhildan Jiyana” meaning “Life is uprising, or Uprising is life”.

5. Nasir Razazee – “Delalo hastawa” – meaning “Rise my brother” – is about the Kurdish prominent leader Dr. Qasimloo, who was assassinated by Iranian government in 1989 in Wien.

Arts & Mental Health

Sound Therapy Radio Live at SFU's Pub (April 2015) Sarah and Her Good Bad Luck live at CJSF (March 2015)
Featured in this week, two sets of work on Art & Mental Health with:
Sound Therapy Radio Night Live at SFU's Pub (April 2015)
Sarah and Her Good Bad Luck Live at CJSF (March 2015)

In the first half, excerpts from the Sound Therapy Radio Night April 7, 2015 at SFU Highland Pub in Burnaby. Live performance by locals

Featuring interviews with:
- Dr. Pierre Leichner, former Psychiatrist turned artist from Gallery Gachet (
- Tanya Miller from HIFIVE an on-campus mental health movement
- Liticia Gardner from the radical mental health collective at SFPIRG (

In the second half, excerpts from IntraVenus March 25, 2015, live in the booth with Sarah Jickling and her Good Bad Luck. Sarah Jickling, Vancouver based indie pop artist has had a whirlwind year, and is in the midst of recording a new solo album as 'Sarah and her Good Bad Luck'. She chatted about transitioning from being in the Oh Wells to life as a solo performer, mental illness, and how she writes such great pop songs.

Check out the full hour with Sarah here:

originally aired April 2015

O Cannabis!

Sounds from Cannabis Day; History of O Canada!
In celebration of Canada Day July 1, we have from the Frida Werden (Spoken Word Coord 2003-2014) archives:

In 2003 Frieda Werden was a new Vancouverite and the mainstream celebration of "Cannabis Day" was a surprise. In celebration of the continuing and ever-developing relationship with marijuana in Vancouver, here is a collection of sounds and voices from her visit to Cannabis Day over a decade ago.

Then, Frieda Werden highlights some of the versions and historical moments of Canada's national anthem.

For all the music in full:

Development, Density, Dollars: What do residents get?

a City Conversation from SFU Public Square
A regularly-heard Vancouver refrain is that greedy developers are destroying our city’s vaunted quality of life, and that politicians are in their (deep) pockets. Then again, developers say that the city’s demands for contributions in return for project approvals drive up their costs and raise housing prices for all. And recently, there have been claims that all developer contributions are going to an affordable housing fund, resulting in shortages of parks, day care centres and other public amenities.

What’s the truth? What public projects are funded by new developments? Are the city’s priorities your priorities? Is Vancouver losing the balance of development and public amenities that have made it so famously livable? Are development charges helping to make living here unaffordable? To frame these issues, we’re pleased to have Councillor George Affleck and Councillor Geoff Meggs.