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Thursday 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

CJSF Public Affairs & News Team, Chanel Klein, Laura Scheck
Social Justice & Public Affairs

Public affairs and social justice stories, interviews and recordings from the regional and experiential communities that CJSF serves.

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Development, Density, Dollars: What do residents get?

a City Conversation from SFU Public Square
A regularly-heard Vancouver refrain is that greedy developers are destroying our city’s vaunted quality of life, and that politicians are in their (deep) pockets. Then again, developers say that the city’s demands for contributions in return for project approvals drive up their costs and raise housing prices for all. And recently, there have been claims that all developer contributions are going to an affordable housing fund, resulting in shortages of parks, day care centres and other public amenities.

What’s the truth? What public projects are funded by new developments? Are the city’s priorities your priorities? Is Vancouver losing the balance of development and public amenities that have made it so famously livable? Are development charges helping to make living here unaffordable? To frame these issues, we’re pleased to have Councillor George Affleck and Councillor Geoff Meggs.

Public Education

Students, Teachers, and the TPP
Today the public affairs team highlights:
BC Rally for Student Education May 28 2016

One local teacher's perspectives on the effects of funding cuts on the Public Education System;

Effects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Education

Asian Heritage Month, BC Student's Association and Punjabi Women's Access t

Ken McAteer, Beverly Nann, Dakota McGovern, Prab Chahil
Ken McAteer and Beverly Nann join our host Chanel Klein for a live interview about ExplorASIAN and Asian Heritage Month. Dakota McGovern from the BC Student's Association speaks to CJSF producer Gurpreet Kambo about education in BC and the upcoming rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery. CJSF's Maegan Thomas touches base with University of Ottawa student Prab Chahil about her research about Punjabi women's access to abortion.

Living Wage, Electoral Reform and Kinder Morgan

Nevada Cope, Katelynn Northam, Andy Yeh
Today on Community Forum we will be joining Nevada Cope, owner and chef of Vancouver’s newest living wage restaurant called Ritual. CJSF correspondent Laura Scheck speaks with Katelynn Northam, the front-runner for LeadNow’s proportional representation campaign. We’ll also be hearing from Andy Yeh, about the Taiwanese Chrildren’s folk festival. Gurpreet Kambo interviews Jacub, the young activist who was arrested at the Kinder Morgan protest on Burnaby Mountain in 2014.

The Future of Transportation & Urban Infrastructure


Following on last week’s episode, which was based around the possibility of the upcoming transit strike, today’s episode is also transportation themed, though with a bit of a broader focus. We aren’t just talking about the possibility of a transit strike, but also about the future of transportation and urban infrastructure in Vancouver and in big cities around the world. Heavy stuff.

We have three stories for you today. The first is with Angela MacDougall from Vancouver’s Battered Women’s Support Services regarding concerns related to domestic violence and the new Compass card. The second is with John Calimente, a transportation planner, on how Vancouver compares to other cities in public transportation, and the future of it in the region. The third is an event at SFU focusing on the history of the development of the city of Burnaby and where those trends might be leading in the future.

Transit Workers' Strike?


Last week, Metro Vancouver transit operators and maintenance workers from Coast Mountain Bus Company voted 98% in favour of striking in order to obtain collective bargaining agreements, including wage increases and improved working conditions. With this vote, we may be seeing a strike action and an interruption in transit services (however, they have stated striking is a last-resort).

CJSF producer Gurpreet Kambo spoke with Nathan Woods, the president of UNIFOR, the union representing public transit workers in Metro Vancouver.

We also spoke to some community and CJSF members, Grant & Magnus, about their memories of the last transit-workers strike in Vancouver in 2001. They recalled for us their experiences of those historic 4 months.

National Day of Mourning & International Workers' Day

Catherine Brady; Deena Ladd; Stephen Portman
Today’s episode is themed around Labour. Labour has always been an element of society that has been both crucial and controversial. While the prominence of labour unions has declined significantly, in the 19th and 20th century, they were extremely important in advocating for many of the political and social equities that we enjoy today: things such as the 8 hour workday, the 40 hour workweek, overtime pay, the right to strike, equal pay for women and minorities, and banning child labour, among many others that we often take for granted today.

April 28th is the National Day of Mourning, and May 1st is International Worker’s Day, or ‘Mayday’, Both of these days are meant to remember workers and celebrate the achievements of the labour movement.

On today’s episode, we hear from Catherine Brady, a woman working in the forestry industry who is campaigning for work and safety gear specifically tailored for women in trades. We also hear interviews with Deena Ladd and Stephen Portman, who both presented at last year’s labour advocacy event “Workers in Action: Exploring Workers Centres Across Canada”, an event hosted at SFU’s Harbour Centre location by the BC Employment Standards Coalition, the BC Federation of Labour and the Hospital Employees’ Union. We will also be hearing from attendees at the event, sharing their ideas about labour and advocacy in Canada.

Attawapiska Occupation & Indigenous Food Security

live interviews, contributions from Jay Peachy & Noel Thomas, CKUT
On April 18th, protesters began occupying the Vancouver Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada office (INAC) in solidarity with Attawapiskat after the community declared a state of emergency over multiple Indigenous youth suicides. People have been occupying the INAC offices around Canada, starting in Toronto and moving to Regina, Vancouver, and more.

Featured on the show today:
Jay Peachy (Sound Therapy Radio & TV) speaks w/ Antoinette Smith outside Vancouver INAC Sit-in

Chrisse Olman and Jerrilyn Webster (aka JB the First Lady), two women occupying the Vancouver INAC office at 1138 Melville Street, where they are currently on their 3rd day of occupying the space.

and from Noel Thomas (freelance radio producer affiliated with CKUT Radio McGill Montreal), a recorded interview concerning food security and indigenous communities in Canada's northern regions.

For more coverage of these issues check out these various sources:

Site C Dam

Sage Birley, Kenta Otani and Tina Loo
Community Forum explores the issues surrounding the Site C Dam in the Peace River Valley. CJSF host Chanel Klein joins BC farmer Sage Birley in a live phone interview. Environmentalist Kenta Otani weighs in at the Site C protest taking place in front of BC Hydro's downtown Vancouver office. Tina Loo is a Professor of History at the University of British Columbia, where she holds a Canada Research Chair in Environmental History. In 2008, she spoke about the potential risk and benefits of the then-theoretical Site C Dam, and the socio-political mindset that fuelled dam-building and other environmentally destructive projects.

World Health Day

Psychedelics & Health; Concussions in Children's Sports
Today is World Health Day and on this week's episode of Community Forum, we are talking with two different health specialists, Dr. Mark Haden of MAPS Canada and Dr. Robert Cantu, author of 'Concussion and Our Kids'.

Mark Haden, adjunct professor in UBC's School of Population & Public Health and Chair of the Board at MAPS Canada, discusses the history of psychedelic use in regards to community-building and health and well-being. Mark also speaks on contemporary research around therapeutic use of psychedelics.

(Check out MAPS' "Blotter Art" Fundraiser with Dr. Gabor Maté May 19th:

Also, from a 2012 interview on Radio Curious, Dr. Robert Cantu discusses the major health issue of concussions in children's sports.

Vancouver the Lonely


Today's episode was themed around loneliness and social isolation in Vancouver. The segments include:

- Streeters with people on the UBC Vancouver campus on loneliness

- Tips from CJSF producer Chanel Klein on making friends and moving to a new city

- An interview with an international student, Rohan Soni on the experience of moving to Vancouver

- An interview with Ali Sauder about loneliness as a stay-at-home mother

Housing in BC Pt. II


Today on community forum we have decided to continue on the topic of housing since is such a hot topic here in the lower-mainland.

Today we will first be speaking with Andrew Sakamodo from the Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre (TRAC). We’ll also be hearing from a local collectivehousing resident, Ben Tannenbaum from the Beehive Collective, as well as two women who are now living in Vancouver’s first co-housing development, Ericka Stephens-Rennie and Taryn Griffiths. Lastly we’ll hear from our resident real estate expert and CJSF producer, Chanel Klein, on the issue of shadow flipping here in Vancouver.

Affordable Housing

Live-interview with Joyce Residents Association, Pre-recorded interview with Teresa Dettling on the rally for affordable student housing
This week's Community Forum host Gurpreet Kambo started us off with a round table where Channel Klein, Laura Scheck and Nathalie Lopez discussed how the housing crisis affects them in their every day lives.
Live-interview with Joyce Residents Association

Next there was a live interview with Chanel Ly who has lived in Renfrew-Collingwood and is a core organizer of the Joyce Area Residents Association.The Joyce Area Residents Association (JARA) started in direct response to the City's plans to re-zone and develop all around Joyce Station. They advocate for language accessibility because the area is 73% ESL, working class and made up of mostly immigrant families. The group holds community events to engage their neighbours and hear concerns about the plans.

We also had a pre-recorded interview with Teresa Dettling on the rally for affordable student housing.
Teresa Dettling is a former resident of SFU’s graduate student housing, Louis Riel House, which grad students and their families were evicted from last year, despite protest.

International Women's Day Episode

Girls Rock Camp, Women in Film, Memorializing sex workers
This week's episode was themed around International Women's Day, which was on Tuesday March 8th, 2016. The episode featured interviews with:

Luey from Girls Rock Camp Vancouver, an annual summer camp for girls that teaches them playing instruments, songwriting, and other great things that go into being a rockstar

Sarah Kalil the president of the Vancouver Chapter of Women in film and Television an organization that advocates for women in screen-based media,

and a talk from UBC Professor Becki Ross who spoke at an event called “Never Forgotten: Memorializing Sex Workers Expelled From Vancouver’s West End”. In this talk, she explored the mass displacement of sex workers, most of whom were trans women and women of colour, from the West End to the much more dangerous area of East Vancouver.

BC Budget 2016


Today's episode was themed around the recently tabled 2016 BC budget. There were interviews with Rick Turner of the BC Health Coalition, Paul Gilbert of the BC Disability Caucus and Jean Swanson, a local anti-poverty activist.

Black History Month


- Nicole Mitchell gave a Keynote lecture at the 2012 Vancouver International Jazz Festival entitled “Afrofuturism Now,” which engages with Afrofuturism’s Jazz roots, the works of Sun Ra, and the cultural politics of African-American improvised musics. Here is part of that talk, recorded by Kevin McNeilly and edited by Jesse Wentzloff

- In honour of Black History Month, Culture Club host Beau Bridge explores the eccentric personality of famous Free Jazz composer & Revolutionary artist Sun Ra, as well as the literary and cultural aesthetic of "Afro-futurism" through unearthed audio interviews and lectures by Sun Ra. Discussions include the philosophy of space and time, the human being, blackness, whiteness, goodness, and concepts of god.


-Jackie Shane - Any Other Way

- Dream Warriors - Wash Your Face In My Sink

Post-Valentine's Day Episode - Dating & Relationships


Today on Community Forum, we focus on relationships and dating from both a critical perspective and a lighter one!

First we speak with Isaac Louie, long time social justice activist focusing on violence prevention and critical masculinity. We talk how men can be accountable in intimate relationships and confront violence.

Later in the show, we hear from Allison Carter, a PhD student in the Health Sciences department at SFU who is working on a project to de-stigmatize intimate relationships for women who are HIV+.

Living Wage & Labour Rights


a doc on community media from CJSF
from the producers:

We were interested in what members of the leadership of community radio in Canada knew and thought about the idea of a living wage. We were also interested in contextualizing wage and labour practices in community radio in the wider community (grassroots or volunteer driven) media labour landscape. To do this we spoke to station staff across the country, leaders of other community media organizations, and researchers of various labour areas, from various critical points of view. In that process, what drew our attention were the voices speaking to what wage based equity strategies do not address, and what they may exacerbate. These voices are calling for a conversation and we tried our best here to hear and engage. So this is not so much a document of explanation. It is a document of where this team of producers are at this point in time in our thinking and knowledge about the living wage and labour equity in the context of the NCRA.

We’d like to note creating this document taught us invaluable lessons about nearly every level of community media production practice. We look forward to continuing these lessons and conversations in more depth. Thank you to Media Works for this opportunity, and thank you so much for listening.

This documentary was researched and produced by Maegan Thomas & Madeline Taylor with conceptual and production assistance from Obediya W. Jones Darrell, Colin Karrado and James Bates. It was funded by

Community Forum on Mental Health & Social Media

Jennifer from Hi-F.I.V.E, roundtble discussion, Dylan Leroi Roy interview from Health and Counselling Services Centre
On today's episode we talked about social media and it's relation to mental health well-being. Host Nathalie Lopez spoke about some research finding on the topic followed by a round-table discussion with Jennifer from Hi F.I.V.E who gave her views on social media and it's effect of mental health on the students at SFU and a more general discussion with Gurpreet Kambo and Chanel Klein. We also had an Gurpreet Kambo's interview with Dylan Leroi interview from Health and Counselling Services Centre.

Community Forum - Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Kathleen Yang, Jesse Russell, Amy Widmer
Today's Community Forum is about Kinder Morgan pipeline. Hosts Nathalie Lopez and Chanel Klein begin with a historic timeline of events about Kinder Morgan. Kathleen Yang of SFSS joins them for a live studio interview about the National Energy Board hearing process. Gurpreet Kambo attends the Board of Director's meeting at SFU and interviews Jesse Russell of DivestSFU. Gurpreet also chats to some SFU students about their thoughts about Kinder Morgan's proposed pipeline. Laura Scheck checks in with Amy Widmer about her protest at the National Energy Board office.

Food & Agriculture

Laura Scheck, Nathalie Lopez, Gurpreet Kambo
On today's episode of Community Forum we talk all about food, farming, and sustainability!

First a roundtable on the rising prices of food and food accessibility in Vancouver; animal agriculture and climate change; vegetarian and vegan diets and their economic, political, and social consequences.

Last we hear from a panel discussion on Food Sovereignty. Dr. Hannah Witman, who discusses sustainable food systems, the concept of food sovereignty, and small scale/local farming for sustainability.

Social Media & Mental Health (Jan 21 4pm)

How does online cmn interact with social isolation?
The Public Affairs team talks to experts and experiencers about how social interacts with mental health, especially social isolation.

Community Forum - Mental Health Awareness

Brittani Ellis, SFU students and Liticia Gardner.
CJSF Public Affairs team member Chanel Klein spoke to long time friend Brittani Ellis about her struggles finding mental health resources in the Lower Mainland.

Gurpreet Kambo asks SFU students on campus about their thoughts about how school effects their mental health.

Laura Scheck checks in with Liticia Gardner about radical mental health on campus.

Community Forum - Mindfulness and Meditation

Laura Scheck experiences a float tank and interviews a friend about a meditation retreat. Gurpreet Kambo speaks with retired MD Adrianne Ross about th
January is often the time where we reflect back on last year and the year ahead. Most of us make resolutions to improve our physical health but rarely do we think about the state of our mental health.

Laura Scheck experiences a float tank and interviews a friend about a meditation retreat. Gurpreet Kambo speaks with retired MD Adrianne Ross about the medical practice and mindfulness and meditation. Nathalie Lopez interviewed Christina Kinch about youth, families and mindfulness.

We end this episode with a two minute guided meditation.