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Build SFU update, Health Matters(Bounce Back Episode)


On today's show, Josephine brings the latest updates about Build SFU project to the attention of the listeners. On August 11th, 2016. The Simon Fraser Student Society, SFSS released a report saying that they could no longer continue with the stadium portion of the Build SFU Project. They had estimated that the stadium would cost 5 to 10 million but had recently discovered that it could cost about 30 million dollars

On August 26th, the Peak newspaper reported that Student Athletes had stormed the SFSS Board meeting to protest the stadium cancellation

On the second half (Health Matters), we re-air a broadcast from September 2015.This edition of Health Matters by Haaris Mahmood features Carmella from the Canadian Mental Health Association, and she tells us about a really great opportunity called the Bouce Back program.
This program is awesome for students (or anyone) dealing with any kind of anxiety or depression. For more information about this great program, please visit:

Experiences faced by International Students


On today's show, Josephine shares some experiences faced by International students based on her personal experiences as one. Feel free to contribute to the conversation by contacting us on Facebook, Twitter or by email( Josephine also talks about WUSC SFU, World University Services of Canada-SFU. You can find WUSC SFU at SFSS clubs days coming up on September 13, 14 and 15, 2016 at SFU Burnaby(Convo mall) to talk to a club representative and learn more about the club. You can also check out their website

Buk Nkosi, Food Security


​On today's show, Buk Nkosi, SFU student and the co-founder of Frontrvnners Streetwear brand ( talks to Josephine about balancing school, running a business and other involvements. Buk Nkosi is an international student from Zimbabwe. He is a communications major, a business minor and studying for a certificate in entrepreneurship.

On the second half, we dig into our archives and listen to a recording by Frieda Werden at SFU habour center about food security

Prisoner Justice Day, Vancouver Shutdown Zimbabwe Solidarity Protest featur


On the first half, we have special programming in honor of Prisoner Justice Day. Clips featuring Lisa Orton from last year. History about Prisoner Justice Day day can be found here:

On the second half we speak to Buhle Chinhara, a recent SFU graduate who was one of the organizers of the Vancouver ShutDown Zimbabwe Solidarity Protest at the Art Gallery. Buhle tells us about some of the happenings in Zimbabwe and what Zimbabweans & allies in the diaspora here in Vancouver here are doing. An event was held in July and this is the Facebook page:

Queer Oral Histories

Rural from Nadine Boulay, Lesbian from Elise Chenier
Nadine Boulay is an SFU PhD Candidate in the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies,who joins us to talk about her search for queer, rural stories (with both queer and rural defined by the story teller). If you have a story you'd like to share for her research, contact with your questions! Bio and research partners:

@rae-spoon @antirecords

Boulay is working with Dr. Elise Chenier who is a professor at SFU in the History Department, and Director of the Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony, and buliding on the work of Dr. Liz Millward from the University of Manitoba, and her recently published book Making a Scene: Lesbians and Community across Canada, 1964-84 (2015 UBC Press).

In the second half, we hear an interview with Chenier from Pride 2012 by Ellie G of the F Word ( the Lesbian Oral Archives which began in 2010.

SFU Prof Dr Newman - Immigration Woes, Health Matters

Health Matters: Senior Health Care
The show starts off with some overflow from Democracy now and the content for SFU Ideas and Issues starts at 9:13
You can also listen to it on Soundcloud
Josephine Okunubi talks to Professor David Newman(from the SFU Communications Faculty) and his son Jonathan about their journey trying to maintain status in Canada, despite teaching at SFU for over 11 years and having raised his son here.
On Health Matters,we listen to a Marcy Cohen talk about senior health care. Marcy Cohen who has worked in health policy and health research for over 20 years.


An SFU campus perspective
From 2014, this is a discussion between Frieda Werden and members of the SFU social justice initiatives recorded on Burnaby campus. They talk about masculinity and the recurring idea of a men's center on campus. If you are interested in talking more about masculinity on SFU campus from a social justice perspective, feel free to contact us at You can also contact Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG) and the Women's center on campus.

Barbara Adler; African Descent Festival

Denman Writer's Fest July 16-18; ADF July 22-23
This week, Maegan talks to Barbara Adler (The Fugitives, Ten Thousand Wolves) about the power of interdisciplinary work and her new project Valedictorian at the Denman Island Writer's Festival (July 16-18 2016).

Then, Josephine talks to organizers and performers of the African Descent Festival about the space they are creating to celebrate and share the work and culture of those of African Descent. Guests: poet and SFU student Sarah Aurdery Mome, artistic director and SFU Alum Kayode Fatoba, and VP Fashion, Vanessa.

The festival is Free, July 22-23 at Thortan Park. For more info, including schedule:

Share these interviews online!

Indigenous Career Stories; HIV Basics

a second edition from the 2015 FNSA Event; HIV basics from a student's perspective
Two more alumni stories from the First Nations Student Association's Indigenous People's Career Stories 2015 also sponsored by SFU Career Services. For the previous edition (aired June 22, 2016) check out our soundcloud.

Then, Josephine is taking HSCI 431, The Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic course at SFU this semester. She has noticed some misinformation regarding HIV/AIDS while speaking with friends. Join us for this episode where she shares some basic knowledge regarding HIV which she learnt from the course.

For more on course:

Tsatia Adzich, Metis Youth Leader; Meditation

Student Life; Health Matters
Josephine speaks to Minister of Youth for the Meti Nation of British Columbia and recent SFU graduate who currently works for the deans office at the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, Tsatia Adzich. Tsatia speaks about her experiences at SFU, what she's up to now and hopes she has for SFU in improving the experience of aboriginal students

Then, the last show of the month means it's time for Health Matters. This time Haaris takes a look at Meditation, a practice done for centuries. We investigate some of the phenomenal health benefits as well as some useful tips and techniques. Featuring Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe, and SFU's Dr Erica Horowitz.

Come tune in to see how meditation can work for you!

Indigenous Career and Convocation Stories

Observing National Aboriginal Day
Today on the show, stories from aboriginal alumni!

First, from our National Aboriginal Day Celebrations, we highlight two career stories from an indigenous perspective courtesy of the First Nations Student Association's Indigenous People's Career Stories 2015.

Then, we hear from Tsatia Adzich, local leader in the SFU and Metis youth communities, who used her convocation address to speak on issues in those communities.

"Communication graduand Tsatia Adzich, from the Tri River Métis community in northern B.C., is the first indigenous convocation speaker for the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology. Her studies explored how indigenous identity, social justice and Métis culture intersect. In the fall she will begin a master’s program in indigenous governance at the University of Victoria."

There are also some streeters from previous convocation guests.

SFSS President Resigns; SFU Convocation Stories


Josephine speaks to Larissa Chen, the interim SFSS President and VP Student services, and Christine Dyson about the recent developments in the SFSS Board of Directors including the resignation of Deepak Sharma as the president. Join us as we discuss what this means for the SFSS.

In the second half, Josephine highlights some of the stories from the most recent Convocation at SFU!

Liquefied Natural Gas in BC: Risk or Reward.

from Carbon Talks and the Pacific Institute for Climate
from Carbon Talks and the Pacific Institute for Climate, hosted by SFU Vancouver November 2012.

featuring: Marc Lee, Senior Economist with the BC Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and Co-Director of the Climate Justice Project. Author of BC’s Legislated Greenhouse Gas Targets vs Natural Gas Developments

Me Before You; SFU Surrey's Top 25 Under 25

w Micaela Evans
In the first half, Josephine speaks with Micaela Evans, SFU student accessibility advocate, about the movie 'Me before you' which has sparked discussion concerning the portrayal of people living with disabilities. For example, here is an article mentioned in their discussion:

In the second half, Josephine takes a look at some of the SFU students featured in the 2016 Surrey Top 25 Under 25 awards.

Health Matters: Strokes & SFU in the Movies


First up, this week on the Health Matters show we investigate: Strokes.

From the various misconceptions to treatment options, we have Margaret Hansen from the Stroke Recovery Association of B.C talk about it all! Join us for this very informative episode.

For more info you may need:

On the second half, Josephine takes a look at some of the movies which have been filmed on SFU campus with the help of SFU's website and an article from the Peak's Jonathan Pabico. and

thanks to Every Frame a Painting, local film vlog, for the clip from Vancouver Never Plays Itself

Deepak Sharma, SFSS President 2016

plus STEM and Nigerian student associations at Clubs Days
On this week's episode, we have Deepak Sharma, the new Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) president. Deepak Sharma speaks to us about what to expect from the new SFSS board including new programs such as the Vancouver campus committee.

In the second half, Josephine and Frieda Ohuabunwa talk about their upcoming summer plans. We also hear from Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Mathematics) and the Nigerian Students Association at the summer 2016 club's days.

On June 3rd 2016, it was announced that Deepak had resigned from the position of SFSS president

An SFU Perspective on UNDRIP

UN Declarations on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - Canada moves from objector to acceptor
The federal government has officially adopted the UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The declaration recognizes the rights of indigenous peoples around the world on issues such as culture, self-determination, traditional territories, education and language.

Read or listen to the declaration:
Adopting the declaration, along with Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution, means Canada is now a frontrunner in the world, and actively committed to improving its relationship with Indigenous Peoples, says William G. Lindsay (Cree-Stoney), director of SFU's Office for Aboriginal Peoples.

We speak live to William Lindsay about implications for SFU policy and students, including the confirmation of Metis rights as indigenous rights (here is the Tsatia Adzich the interview we reference

Then, we hear from Clay Gray, activist and student of justice and indigenous rights who interviews Prof Ted Palys ( about UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the fact that Canada was in 2010 the last to ratify the 2007 Declaration (but was an objector) and the local impact of UNDRIP.

Korean Traditional Music

SFU Student Inho Cho hosts
When you hear Korean Music do you think KPop? Well Korean Music is so much more. Inho Cho, an SFU student, leads us in their overview of indigenous, traditional, vocal and orchestral Korean music.

originally aired Dec 2013.