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Culture Club

Wednesday 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Beau Bridge
Art Nerds Only

Join CJSF's Culture Club, where art nerds are VIPS. Hosted by fellow critical thinker, Beau Bridge. The show features in-depth interviews, lectures and stories about art and artists of all forms. Some examples segments range from discussions of inspiration, music, theory, context, the creative process and everything in between. Be inspired... Stay inspired. Formerly Smitten by the Written, radio about words.

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Books on the Radio
a monthly compendium of literary awesome
Sean Cranbury (Books on the Radio Project, Real Vancouver Writer Series) presents a monthly round up of the recent best of BOTR and RVWS interviews and talks.

Table of Contents
- People of the Stick, Besnard Lakes
- Leah Horlick interview, Reverb Queer Reading Series
- Jay MillAr, conversation segment
- Rahat Kurd, Real Vancouver Biblioasis
- Alexandra Oliver, Real Vancouver Biblioasis
- Outro, Sean Cranbury with Clams Casino/The Weeknd

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