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let's talk about culture

culture (noun) cul·ture \ˈkəl-chər\ : beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time : a particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, art, etc. : a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place Fascinated by cul·ture? Join the Club! In the Culture Club, CJSF highlights cultural conversations and performances from local communities and artists.

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The Daniels Decision

Part 1 of a 4 Part Series
The Daniels Decision is a special four-part series examining in depth the recent Supreme Court ruling that has implications for Metis, First Nations, and all treaty peoples. Produced by CKUW 95.9FM Winnipeg Algonquin Territories.

Each week’s broadcast will include pre-recorded segments, panel discussions and live music. The Daniels Decision will comment on the current state of First Nations governance and bring up important and relevant issues that demonstrates a shift in politics with respect to “Indians;” a legal term that was developed by our Canadian government.

The Daniels Decision series will give a portrait of Harry Daniels, the case itself, personal reflection and the implications of the Daniels case.

WINGS #09-16 The Second Coming of Joan of Arc

Part 3. Confronting her torturers.
Reprise of a popular WINGS series, The Second Coming of Joan of Arc is adapted from a live performance of the multi-award-winning one-woman play by Carolyn Gage, in which Joan of Arc analyzes her successes and also her naivete in trusting a patriarchy that took what she gave them then cast her aside and finally threw her to the wolves. When English torturers force her to conform to their idea of femininity, Joan defies them, regaining her identity and dignity, but losing her life.

Part 1. The butch maiden. (WINGS #07-16)

Part 2. The warrior betrayed. (WINGS #08-16)

Part 3. Confronting her torturers. (WINGS #09-16)

WINGS Series Producer - Frieda Werden

Zaccheus Jackson's Legacy

originally aired in support of the Zaccheus Jackson Legacy Project at the 2015 Verses Festival of Words
Here are words from, about, and with Zaccheus Jackson Nyce, who was a local, loved, and lauded poet and teacher. Nyce was killed in an accident in August 2014. It was a sudden end to a rising leader.

originally aired April 22, 2015. Check out the full reading as part of

Canada Syndrome: Good People Supporting Mass Internment, War, and Genocide

A Conversation with anti-war activist Richard Sanders
From the Global Research News Hour May 13, 2016
hosted by Michael Welsh

Throughout history, decent, progressive-minded Canadians with humanitarian instincts have provided tacit, if not overt support for State violence. These have included genocidal policies against the Indigenous population of the country, the internment of thousands of Eastern European migrants in slave labour camps, and imperial aggression in South Africa, Haiti, and Libya.

Ottawa based radical and anti-war activist Richard Sanders is convinced that the bulk of the public have become captives of a psychosis springing from national narratives of Canadian exceptionalism. These narratives blind us to the violence being perpetrated against our fellow humans in the service of elite interests, even convincing us these actions are right and good.

The “Canada Syndrome,” as he calls it, is the subject of this feature length interview. It includes a discussion of the famous social gospel and how revered figures like J.S. Woodsworth displayed highly racist and xenophobic sentiments and ironically served to reinforce the authority of corporate elites.

Land Defenders & Aspiring Allies: A Grassroots Approach to Education

Resonating Reconciliation NCRA (CKMS)
In this week's Culture Club, we hear about the culture of land defense, and what their allies need to know.

In this documentary, Land Defenders & Aspiring Allies: A Grassroots Approach to Education, producers Liam George and Shawn Johnston introduce us to Metis activist Sâkihitowin Awâsis, Idle No More co-founder Sylvia McAdams, “aspiring ally” Jackson Smith, and Grand River Indigenous Solidarity member, Adam Lewis. They discuss grassroots approaches when educating other about the residential school system. The participants in this documentary share their personal experience of what it is like to work within their communities and tools that help them on their journey.

Music: "Come Back Home" by Nikki Shawana (Gold Nish Records). "Travelling Song" by Laurier's Student Hand-Drum Group

Korean Hardcore Music

hosted by Hoon
Hoon hosts an hour of Korean Hardcore Music. As he says, spending time at CJSF promoting the local scene in the Lower Mainland inspired him to promote his own local scene, aka Korea.

originally aired 2007.

Japanese Underground Music

Parker Mah
Parker Mah takes us through his fave underground music from Japan. Originally aired in 2007.

Tracks include:
Takako Minekawa - Plash
Gitogibo Hustler- Love and Roll
Cornelius - Bird Watching at Inner Forest
Adachi Tomori Royal Chorus - Yumiho
Mondo Gross - MG4BB
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Satanic Boom Boom Head
Suika - Kujiraya Ne
Boom Boom Satellites - Brand New Battering Ram
Lily Chou-Chou - Hikousen
Bisk - Hand Claps in the Darkness
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Love theme from the Godfather
Number Girl - Num-Heavy Satellites
Nanao Tubito - Blue Hundirg
Nujabes - Relfection Eternal
Roly Poly Rag Bear - Green
Roly Poly Rag Bear - Sentimental Bus

UNDRIP con't; Resonating Reconciliation

listen to the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples
The federal government has officially adopted the UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The declaration recognizes the rights of indigenous peoples around the world on issues such as culture, self-determination, traditional territories, education and language.

Today on Culture Club, we hear the full declaration.

Then, from CJSF producer Orene Askew aka DJ OShow, we hear her story of her indigenous experience with her entry into the Resonating Reconciliation documentary series, funded by the National Community Radio Association.

To listen again, check them out here:

Queer Poetry & More

East Van Pride 2013
Jesse Wentzloff hosts an hour of poetry and music from East Van Pride 2013 as part of CJSF's 2013 special pride programming. This edition features friend of the station Leah Horlick of the SFU Women's Centre among others.

For more from Leah,

May Day Cabaret

from 2009, celebrating A Graphic History of Protest
reairing from Community Forum 2015, learn more about the book, the cabaret and more:'_Day

May Day Annual Rally info:
Sunday May 1 1:30 Commercial Drive
Lillian Howard, FIrst Nations Welcome
Irene Lanzinger, President BC Fed
Representative, Migrant Workers' Dignity Assoc.
Erie Maestro, Migrante
Left Coast Labour Chorus

MC - Joey Hartman, President VDLC

After party at the Rio!

More on Working and Labour on
Thursday, April 28 Community Forum - Basic Income and More
Weds May 4 SFU Ideas & Issues - Labour Opinion at SFU
Weds May 4 IntraVenus - Women's Work, Labour (for Mother's Day)

Richard Wagamese - Denman Island Writers Festival 2014

appearing at Verses Festival 2016
CJSF is supporting Verses Festival of Words again this year, and the writer one of our fave hours of poetry to air will be at the fest this year!

Check out this reading from Richard Wagamese at the Denman Island Writers and Readers Festival 2014. Like what you hear? Check him out at three events this year at Verses (April 22-May 1), including a master class for those poet listeners!

Thank you to Frieda Werden for files, and Zavier Aguila for the original introduction and editing.

Tune in to Spoken Word Surprise April 19 (1pm) and The Arts Show (Thurs 5pm) for more from Verses Festival of Words, April 22-May 1.

Pros & Cons of Record Store Day

Tune in April 16 for RECORD STORE DAY 2016 w CJSF and CiTR!
Vancouver has more record stores than ever before, and of course a plethora of artists looking for your attention.

How does Record Store Day factor into the sales of records, the building of community and the promotion of artists?

From 2015, Kiara Shibley CJSF Music Director talks to some of the local shops about Landing both in the light of excitement and the shadow of mounting criticism, Record Store Day moves forward with big celebrations and hundreds of exclusive vinyl releases again this Saturday, April 16th.

This episode of Culture Club looks behind the scenes of this growing event in record store culture and the vinyl arts. Kiara Shibley, CJSF music coordinator, talks with various Vancouver record store owners, employees, and small record label owners about their thoughts and opinions on the consumer holiday. Voices include Ben from Neptoon Records, Dave from Red Cat Records, Mark from Audiopile Records, Tim from the label Kingfisher Bluez, and Patrick from the label Hosehead Records.

Documentaries - En Anglais et Francais

from Rendez-vous de la Francaphonie (NCRA 2016) and CJSF
First, this week is the last official week of the radio project between the National Community Radio Association and RVF 2016! Today from Jean-Étienne Sheehy atCHSR-FM in Fredericton, NB: 6 shorts on Acadian History.

Then, en français, a documentary on Quebecois Tree Planters in the Okanagan, from Cory Henderson funded by the Association of Colleges and Universities of the Canadian Francophonie.

Full description:

More about the RVF series:
Chantal Richard speaks about the first Acadian colonies in North America,

Jean-Étienne Sheehy talks about his radio show Pardon My French,

Ronald LaBelle talks about Candlemas Day, and Acadian tradition,

Shiela Andrew talks about the history of the Acadian flag,

and Trevor Murphy talks about his independent record label, Acadian Embassy.

For full details on each section:

Music clips include:
Joseph Edgar, Chu juste ben
Loud Lary Ajust, ONO
Loud Lary Ajust (Feat. Fanny Bloom), Cendres
Les Hay Babies, La bear song
Joey Robin, Haché Nigadoo
Kuato, Groundwork

French Dialects in Canada; Equity and Good Intentions

Rendez-vous de la P
First, in our weekly Rendez-vous de la Francophonie, John Sailors of CKAR-FM Hunters Bay Radio in Muskoka, ON presents a documentary about the importance of the french language and the misconceptions of the different dialects in our country and internationally.

Then, from from the National Community Radio Association
the second half of the January 2015 edition of the Equity Reading Group, where they look at the "good intentions" of community organizations.

In the ERG community radio folks come together to talk about issues around equitable treatment with different readings each edition.

Executive Debate - March 11 - Burnaby

SFSS General Elections 2016
We are preempting Culture Club this week to bring you excerpts of the only exclusively Executive Candidates debate this year for the SFSS 2016 General Election. This is the second of four debates for the SFSS General Election and the second of two at the Burnaby campus.If you can't be physically present at the debates, you can tweet questions or comments for the candidates to @SfssElections.

For the full debate, with minimal production, visit

Positions listed in the order they will appear during the debates:
VP External Relations
VP Finance
VP Student Life
VP Student Services
VP University Relations

Beautiful Days; Francophonie in Erin, Ontario

an IWD story by Suzanne Mays; a RVF documentary
For our International Women's Day special we have a reading of a story, read by Simya Surani, UBC biospychology student, conceived and and beautifully produced by Nadeem Kajani.

It is called "Beautiful Days" by Suzanne Mays written in 2014. The story was written for International Women's day: Inspiring Change, a short story competition. The story is historical and romantic. It is posted on the website of Short Bread Stories. As stated on the website, the story is about an old woman who recalls a wonderful time when she was young. The story is read by a student and we have initiated to add some music to story for an aided visual imagery for our listeners.

Music featured:
Little Girls – Concepts I C
Women – Public Strain – Locust Valley
Women – Public Strain – Heat distraction
Skin – Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow
The Braying Mule – Ennio Morricone
Alan – Alexander Desplat
Crosswords – Alexander Desplat
Joan – Alexander Desplat
Farewell To Christopher – Alexander Desplat

In the second half, it's our weekly edition of Rendez-vous de la Francophonie 2016.

From Erin Radio 88.1 FM CHES, produced by Phil Taylor.
This documentary on immersion education in Erin, ontario features interviews with various stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, school board trustees, parents and students involved in the local French immersion system. Discussion of access, sustainability, methodology, and efficacy.

Find more info about this and the rest of the project:

Equity & Francophone Cultures

from the National Community Radio Association
This week, the first half of the January 2015 edition of the Equity Reading Group, where they look at the "good intentions" of community organizations.

In the ERG community radio folks come together to talk about issues around equitable treatment with different readings each edition.

Then, we are happy to have another edition of Rendez-vous de la Francophone from the National Radio Association

This week, a radio documentary portrait of the cultural diversity of the Francophone community in Victoria, BC.

Producer Kluane Buser-Rivet is a volunteer at CFUV 101.9 FM and student at Uvic, where she is studying Gender Studies and Child & Youth Care. She has previously worked and volunteered with the United Way, City of Victoria Youth Council and Sole Power Festival.

KRS One on Black History

a critical cultural exploration
Jesse Wentzloff hosts an exploration of black history month through the words and music of legendary hip hop innovator and activist KRS-One, who presents a critical take on and re-imagining of traditional Black History Month narratives.

Francophonie in Guelph; Voices of Community Radio

Rendez-vous Francophonie 2016; World Radio Day
This past Saturday (Feb 13) was World Radio Day -
in celebration, we air a show from 2015: Voices of Community Radio. Listen to all our WRD programming here:

But first, voices of the French community! This week's edition of Rendez-vous Francophonie 2016 ( is a magazine style show about French culture in the community of Guelph and surrounding area such as French events in the community, and schools.

Sandra Doucette, CFRU Guelph grew up in southern Ontario, in the french school systems. "I started out in Hamilton, in a french catholique school called Monseigneur- de- Laval. When I reached high school, I went to George-P-Vanier. The only high school in Hamilton at that time. Now a days there is a high school for both the french catholic, and the French public school board. The french community has grown, and continues to grow. I now live in Fergus, Ontario. My 2 children also go to the schools of the french school board. The French elementary school in Guelph “école élémentaire L’odyssé”, and the high school in Cambridge “Père René de Galiné”. I’ve been active in the french community in Guelph and my childrens school. I’ve helped organize the Franco Fête in Guelph every June. As well as performed for the Franco Festival in Hamilton many years ago."

More on the piece:
French culture everywhere and you may not know it. You don’t have to go far for a French experience, you’ll find it close to home. There are French association in our community that arrange francophone activities and events year long. Events for all ages. As well, there are French language schools scattered all across Ontario. But you don’t have to belong to a French school to experience the francophone culture, there are events and festivals throughout the year that are for the general public. Franco Fest in Hamilton is one such Festival. It offers activities for children and adults, vendors, and arts. This past year amongst the performers were Louis-Jean Cormier, Radio Radio, Monogrenad, Cécile Dookingué, and local acro circus performers. Listen to the wonderful journey of sound from the song composite, as it takes you to another world. The band Monogrenad has that feel to their music.

Closer to Guelph is the Association Francophone de Kitchener-Waterloo. They organize events and hold club meetings for the Francophones in the community. They also organize a festival in the summer that is open to the public. There is something for every francophone or Francophile in the area. This past year marked their 10th anniversary, and they had performances all year round to celebrate. One of the performing groups was the trio Genticourm, a traditional folk group from Québèc. Let their song canot d’éccorse send you back to the time of the settlers and the fir trade.

Equity Reading Group


CJSF's Nadeem Kajani has edited for you another edition of the Equity Reading Group from the National Community Radio Association.

Underground Comedy Railroad; Work, Smile, Laugh

Kwasi Thomas, comedian; RVF 2016 documentary
First, from 2014, an interview with comic Kwasi Thomas about his comedic history, Black History Month and the Underground Comedy Railroad Tour, the only Canadian tour featuring all black comedians.

Then, from Rendez-vous de la Francophonie 2016:

‘Work, Smile, Laugh’ is a meditation on the uniqueness of Francophone life in the largely English city of Saint John, New Brunswick. A city with a tiny 5% French population is home to an inspiring French school and community centre, offering services and connectivity to the city’s French community.

Les Rendez-vous de la Francophonie (RVF) is part of the events surrounding the Journée Internationale de la Francophonie (March 20), which is organized every year around the world to promote the French language and its numerous cultural expressions! The RVF is an initiative of the Canadian Foundation for Cross-Cultural Dialogue, whose mandate is to promote and support dialogue among the Francophone and Acadian, and all other communities in Canada.

Feminist Space(s) & Culture(s)

Queer Rural Experiences | Feminist Spaces, Cycling, Hair and more en francais
We speak with Nadine Boulay about queer rural experiences, and hear from Montreal about feminist experiences.

Nadine Boulay is an SFU PhD student and oral historian, who writes and researches queer and feminist radical histories in BC. She is writing a book on queer rural experiences, and the back to the land movement in the 1960s and 70s particularly. Boulay will speak to us about her work, and share a call for submissions.

Also this week, en français!, a documentary from the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie 2016 project. To listen again to this documentary or any of the project entries, and to get info about producers, artists and more visit:

This week it's a special edition of CKUT's Eve & Pandore where we hear from a feminist bike community in Montreal with interviews with women cyclists, queer and feminist; and we discuss with Francophone Afro-descendant women their relationship with their hair.

From producers Florence B. Lepage, Audrey Gosselin Pellerin, Eve Tagny et Alia Chakridi: Dans cette édition spéciale d’Ève & Pandore, on vous
propose un regard féministe sur la communauté du vélo à Montréal à travers nos entretiens avec des cyclistes femmes, queer et féministes, et on discute avec des femmes afrodescendantes de leur relation conflictuelle avec leurs cheveux crépus ou frisés.

Check out CJSF's entries here:

Our Voices on Air - Language/Pride

Gunargie O'Sullivan (live on location 2012)
aired during CJSF Pride 2012, Gunargie O'Sullivan phones live with interviews from the 2012 Our Voices on the Air Conference, Washington DC, an even focusing on revitalizing Indigenous language through radio. O'Sullivan talks to attendees about language and culture, and because the conference happened during Pride, LGBTQ+ culture within their language. Featuring Indigenous and Spanish language speakers.

On July 31- August 2, 2012, Cultural Survival joined forces with the Recovering Voices Initiative at the Smithsonian Institution to facilitate endangered language revitalization by producing a conference on radio programming in Indigenous languages. “Our Voices on the Air: Reaching New Audiences Through Indigenous Radio” involved three Smithsonian partners - the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH), the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) and the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage (CFCH).This project is supported with internal Smithsonian funds from the Consortium for World Cultures and the Consortium for Understanding the American Experience.

Music: Cris Derksen

aired during 2012 CJSF Pride Programming. Hear more programming:

An Equitable Culture - Accessibility vs Accommodation

Equity Reading Group October 2015
To help us create a more equitable culture, The Equity Reading Group brings together community radio members and equity experts to discuss topics around making spaces, projects and our lives more equitable.

This edition, participants talked about Accessibility v Accommodation: what's the difference, what's the point, how do we make accessible spaces! The discussion references the following materials:

Former UNB Human Rights Officer Barbara Roberts -

Basics of Universal Design for Learning


The ERG Oct 2015 was hosted by Victoria King and Robin Eriksson live on CKUW October 29 from 3-4 p.m. The ERG is a project of the National Community Radio Association Equity Committee. Are you a community radio member and want to volunteer with a committee at the NCRA? Contact Executive Director Barry Rooke,