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Lisa Hobbs Birnie - My Career in Journalism
SFU Library Special Collections Sept 25, 2014
Lisa Birnie discusses her career which spans 6 decades and the globe.

Lisa Hobbs Birnie’s career as a journalist began in her native Australia, soon followed by a move to the United States where she plied her trade in San Francisco for several years writing political columns and interviewing such luminaries as Lena Horne, Louis Armstrong, Claire Booth Luce, Joan Crawford, and Timothy Leary. She was a delegate to the first America/Canadian Newspaper Guild National Conference on Woman’s Rights held in Chicago in 1970. Moving to Vancouver in the 1970s she wrote for the Vancouver Sun for eight years as a reporter/columnist. She was the first woman associate editor of the Sun.

Ms. Birnie is the author of several books… Uncommon Will: The Death and Life of Sue Rodriguez (1996), a book which examined the question of right to die. Other books include I Saw Red China (1966). She was the first female reporter on a U.S. newspaper to get into China since the 1949 Communist victory 16 years earlier and the first U.S. reporter in 10 years. She was a member of the National Parole Board and later wrote Inside the Parole Board…(1990). Her most recent book is In Mania’s Memory…(2010) about a Holocaust relationship.

Birnie has won several journalism and book awards.