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let's talk about culture

culture (noun) cul·ture \ˈkəl-chər\ : beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time : a particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, art, etc. : a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place Fascinated by cul·ture? Join the Club! In the Culture Club, CJSF highlights cultural conversations and performances from local communities and artists.

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Underground Comedy Railroad; Work, Smile, Laugh

Kwasi Thomas, comedian; RVF 2016 documentary
First, from 2014, an interview with comic Kwasi Thomas about his comedic history, Black History Month and the Underground Comedy Railroad Tour, the only Canadian tour featuring all black comedians.

Then, from Rendez-vous de la Francophonie 2016:

‘Work, Smile, Laugh’ is a meditation on the uniqueness of Francophone life in the largely English city of Saint John, New Brunswick. A city with a tiny 5% French population is home to an inspiring French school and community centre, offering services and connectivity to the city’s French community.

Les Rendez-vous de la Francophonie (RVF) is part of the events surrounding the Journée Internationale de la Francophonie (March 20), which is organized every year around the world to promote the French language and its numerous cultural expressions! The RVF is an initiative of the Canadian Foundation for Cross-Cultural Dialogue, whose mandate is to promote and support dialogue among the Francophone and Acadian, and all other communities in Canada.

Feminist Space(s) & Culture(s)

Queer Rural Experiences | Feminist Spaces, Cycling, Hair and more en francais
We speak with Nadine Boulay about queer rural experiences, and hear from Montreal about feminist experiences.

Nadine Boulay is an SFU PhD student and oral historian, who writes and researches queer and feminist radical histories in BC. She is writing a book on queer rural experiences, and the back to the land movement in the 1960s and 70s particularly. Boulay will speak to us about her work, and share a call for submissions.

Also this week, en français!, a documentary from the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie 2016 project. To listen again to this documentary or any of the project entries, and to get info about producers, artists and more visit:

This week it's a special edition of CKUT's Eve & Pandore where we hear from a feminist bike community in Montreal with interviews with women cyclists, queer and feminist; and we discuss with Francophone Afro-descendant women their relationship with their hair.

From producers Florence B. Lepage, Audrey Gosselin Pellerin, Eve Tagny et Alia Chakridi: Dans cette édition spéciale d’Ève & Pandore, on vous
propose un regard féministe sur la communauté du vélo à Montréal à travers nos entretiens avec des cyclistes femmes, queer et féministes, et on discute avec des femmes afrodescendantes de leur relation conflictuelle avec leurs cheveux crépus ou frisés.

Check out CJSF's entries here:

Our Voices on Air - Language/Pride

Gunargie O'Sullivan (live on location 2012)
aired during CJSF Pride 2012, Gunargie O'Sullivan phones live with interviews from the 2012 Our Voices on the Air Conference, Washington DC, an even focusing on revitalizing Indigenous language through radio. O'Sullivan talks to attendees about language and culture, and because the conference happened during Pride, LGBTQ+ culture within their language. Featuring Indigenous and Spanish language speakers.

On July 31- August 2, 2012, Cultural Survival joined forces with the Recovering Voices Initiative at the Smithsonian Institution to facilitate endangered language revitalization by producing a conference on radio programming in Indigenous languages. “Our Voices on the Air: Reaching New Audiences Through Indigenous Radio” involved three Smithsonian partners - the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH), the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) and the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage (CFCH).This project is supported with internal Smithsonian funds from the Consortium for World Cultures and the Consortium for Understanding the American Experience.

Music: Cris Derksen

aired during 2012 CJSF Pride Programming. Hear more programming:

An Equitable Culture - Accessibility vs Accommodation

Equity Reading Group October 2015
To help us create a more equitable culture, The Equity Reading Group brings together community radio members and equity experts to discuss topics around making spaces, projects and our lives more equitable.

This edition, participants talked about Accessibility v Accommodation: what's the difference, what's the point, how do we make accessible spaces! The discussion references the following materials:

Former UNB Human Rights Officer Barbara Roberts -

Basics of Universal Design for Learning


The ERG Oct 2015 was hosted by Victoria King and Robin Eriksson live on CKUW October 29 from 3-4 p.m. The ERG is a project of the National Community Radio Association Equity Committee. Are you a community radio member and want to volunteer with a committee at the NCRA? Contact Executive Director Barry Rooke,

The Law Between Us: Episode 5

Dec 23 1pm: UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
In ep5 of a 5 part series on Aboriginal People and the Law, Jessica Buffalo looks at the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

For more documentaries from CJSF, including more from Jessica Buffalo, visit

For more human rights programming, check out

The Law Between Us: Episode 4

Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women Inquiry Part 2
While the Canadian government seems to be taking on the call to investigate Canada's missing & murdered indigenous women, it comes only after years of work by indigenous activists on this issue, and on the toxic relationship between indigenous people and the law. To recall that, we look to Jessica Buffalo's documentary series from 2012.

In ep 4 in a 5 part series on Aboriginal People and the Law, Jessica Buffalo and Gunargie O'Sullivan continue Ep3's (aired Nov 4 conversation about the Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women Inquiry. Guests include Council for the Missing Women Commission Inquiry members Jason Gratle and Elizabeth Hunt, DTES Activist Don Larson and Elder Woody Morrison.

CJSF airs from Burnaby, BC Unceded Coast Salish Territories of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, Sto:lo and Squamish nations.

Listen to more docs & dramas from CJSF:

Kurdish Women Warriors

content from Beyan Farshi; hosted by Maegan Thomas
The Kurds, a non-Arab, non-Iranian and non-Turkish people, originated in the Middle East, inhabited historically the region surrounding the Zagros Mountains area in the Middle East, known as Kurdistan (The Land of the Kurds). They speak their own language and due to linguistic, archaeological and mythological evidences, Kurds are considered by historians as a branch of the Indo-European families.

The UN Declaration of Human Rights declares rights to national identity, while the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples outlines rights of people native to a land to certain rights. And yet, many peoples including the Kurdish find themselves oppressed and dispersed.

In commemoration of Int'l Human Rights Day, we highlight Kurdistan and their struggle for peace, freedom and cultural recognition - specifically the struggle by some incredible Kurdish Women.

"Women Warriors of Kurdistan" A public panel discussion with Hanna Böhman & Nissy Koye
more event info:
full audio:

If you enjoyed what you heard today, check out this episode of Wandering Rhythms: Rings Around Kurdistan

Culture of Violence Against Women

The New Lessons from the Montreal Massacre
We look at the culture of violence against women. Today we air excerpts from The New Lessons from the Montreal Massacre featuring Lee Lakeman

For more material on this topic:

Music: This Memory - the Wyrd Sisters
Poetry: words by evalyn parry in a film by Cara Mumford

Nov 25th was International Violence Against Women's Day and Dec 6th is the commemoration of the L'Ecole Polytechnique Massacre in Montreal. Consider attending a memorial event, and tune into IntraVenus Dec 2 4pm and Community Forum Dec 3 4pm for more stories looking at violence against women.

Annual Dec 5th Memorial Event at Vancouver Public Library

Dec 5th Vigil (on Dec 3rd) at the Women's Centre at SFU

Books on the Radio Magazine - November 2015

airs last Wed of the month, BOTR Magazine is a monthly collection of the best of the Books on the Radio project
It's the last Wed of the month! That means it's time for Books on the Radio (Magazine). This month, excerpts from January 2015 edition including:

- Intro: Sean Cranbury w People of the Stick, Besnard Lakes
- Leah Horlick interview, Reverb Queer Reading Series
- Jay MillAr, conversation segment
- Rahat Kurd, Real Vancouver Biblioasis
- Alexandra Oliver, Real Vancouver Biblioasis
- Outro: Sean Cranbury w Clams Casino/The Weeknd

Stay tuned Dec 31 for a Books on the Radio (Magazine) year end special!

Transgender Day of Remembrance

ft organizers of Vancouver TDOR Nov 20
After an airing of the Trans Liberation March piece from Pride 2014, Vancouver Transgender Day of Remembrance organizers join us live in studio to talk about the history of the event, trans visibility and share some of the names which will be read in commemoration Nov 20th.

The first TDOR was in 1998 by Gwendolyn Ann Smith to memorialize the murder of Rita Hester in Allston, Massachusetts. (
Since 2010: TDoR observed in 20 countries in over 180 cities. TDoR activities include: reading of the names of those who have been victims of transphobic violence in the past year, candle light vigils, art shows, film screenings, food drives and marches. Van TDOR Nov 20 will have an open mic for participants.
Vancouver TDoR event - Fri Nov 20, @ Vancouver Art Gallery and SFU Vancouver at Harbour Centre

Culture of War & Peace

Weds Nov 11 1pm
The ladies of WEACT - Women Elders in Action - discuss the culture of war and peace through comments, interviews and storytelling.

originally aired on WEACT On Air Dec 2009 (Dec was month of the 1941 Pearl Harbour Bombings)

The Law Between Us: Episode 3

Missing Women Commission of Inquiry
In Ep3 of a 5part series on Aboriginal People and the Law, Jessica Buffalo hosts a 2-part documentary concerning the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry currently wrapping up in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Topics include police negligence, Vancouver's sex trade, and the Robert Picton murders. Guests include: Jamie Lee Hamilton, Cameron Ward, Wally Opal

CJSF airs from Burnaby, BC Unceded Coast Salish Territories of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, Sto:lo and Squamish nations.

Books on the Radio Magazine

last Wed of the month
Monthly Editions are broadcast on CJSF 90.1FM and include recent audio recorded by Sean Cranbury of interviews, events, and readings featuring writers from Canada and around the world, as well as archival audio from previous Books on the Radio broadcasts. Books on the Radio is a radio show, podcast, blog, and incubator for book-related collaborations and experiments. You can find out more by visiting and you can check out the audio archive of interviews and readings at and

On today’s show you’ll be hearing my interview with Ottawa writer Waub Rice about his new book Legacy which deals with violence against a young Indigenous woman and its lingering after-shocks and we’ll be dipping into the live event audio archive with readings by the legendary Zsuzsi Gartner, author of All the Anxious Girls in the World and Better Living Through Plastic Explosives, from her appearance at the Books on the Radio Live event in July 2014, and we’ll also be hearing an excerpt from Vivek Shraya’s performance at the Real Vancouver Writers’ Series event at the Anza Club in east Vancouver in September 2014. We’ll finish today’s broadcast with a reading by Carrie Snyder from her recent book Runner Girl.

Music & Segments:
- A Tribe Called Red, Sisters
- Waubgeshig Rice, Interview, Legacy, Theytus Books 2014
- Zsuzsi Gartner, reading, Books on the Radio Live, July 2014
- Vivek Straya, reading, Real Vancouver Writers' Series, September 2014, introduced by Dina Del Bucchia
- Carrie Snyder, reading, Runner Girl, House of Anansi 2014
- Outro
- Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer, Reannounce, Re: ECM

The Law Between Us - Murder at Pine Ridge Reservation

Jessica Buffalo (2012)
Jessica Buffalo hosts a look at the legal process in a murder on the Pine Ridge Reservation, in which John Graham was charged 29years later.

Jesse Jacobs interviews John Graham from SDakota State Penetentiary, and Gunargie O'Sullivan interviews defence activist Lila Yip.

Ep2 in a 5part series on Aboriginal People and the Law.
Part of the Resonating Reconciliation project from the National Community Radio Association.

CJSF airs from Burnaby, BC Unceded Coast Salish Territories of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, Sto:lo and Squamish nations.

For the rest of the series:

Election 2015 - Aboriginal and Indigenous Perspectives

interviews with local leaders
Today we look at the Election and voting engagement from Aboriginal perspectives.

We hear from:

Eldon Yellowhorn, head of the First Nations Studies Department and Archeology Professor at Simon Fraser University on why he's voting.

Candidate interviews by Gunargie O'Sullivan, previously aired
on Access TV, plus conversation about the tension in voting in a system that's oppressed you and your community.

Rock the Indigenous Vote Rally Oct 16 at the Vancouver Art Gallery

End of Gay Culture?

A City Conversation - Sept 2013
A City Conversation featuring Dara Parker, Executive Director of Qmunity, BC’s Queer Resource Centre; Joe Rachert, project manager at Men’s Health Initiative; and one other.

From the website: Increasingly accepted, increasingly assimilated. Will a consequence of this generational transformation mean that a distinctive culture will wither away? In a seminal essay, writer Andrew Sullivan argued that it is disappearing. “…not…that homosexual men and lesbians…won’t create a community of sorts and a culture that sets them in some ways apart…but that “gayness” alone will cease to tell you very much about any individual….For many in the gay world, this is both a triumph and a threat.”

And what does this loss of a culture that "helped define us not only to the world but also to ourselves” mean for Vancouver— the Davie Village, LGBT institutions like Qmunity, and to other neighbourhoods where those who were once pariahs now live?

Aaron Chapman, Emily Davidson, Jenn Farrell, Raziel Reid

Books on the Radio Magazine
Hi everybody! This is Books on the Radio Monthly Magazine for September 2015, I’m Sean Cranbury and you are listening to CJSF 90.1 FM Simon Fraser University Independent Community Radio broadcasting from high atop mighty Burnaby Mountain.

These recordings and performances contain strong and suggestive language and ideas that some people may find offensive. Books on the Radio wholly embraces a writers need to express themselves unfettered in the language of their choosing. The best writing should always contain language that bothers or shocks us, wakes us up a little bit. I believe that these pieces do that but please take care to adjust your expectations accordingly.

On today’s show we’ll be hearing live audio recordings of readings by Vancouver writers Aaron Chapman, Raziel Reid, and Jenn Farrell at the recent event produced by the Real Vancouver Writers’ Series. The event was called the 2015 Fall Literary Showcase and it took place in east Vancouver at the Anza Club on Wednesday September 23rd.

We will also hear an excerpt of a reading by Vancouver poet Emily Davidson from the Frog Hollow Press chapbook launch earlier this summer at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

For more information about Books on the Radio please check out soundcloud or and for more information on the Real Vancouver Writers’ Series please check out

The next event that Real Vancouver Writers’ Series is producing is taking place at the Untitled Gallery in Vancouver’s Chinatown district on Thursday October 29th and will feature Lana Pesch, Leah Horlick, and two prize winning poets including Lucas Crawford, winner of the 2015 R obert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry, and Jane Munro, the winner of the 2015 Griffin Poetry Prize.

Thank you for listening. Support your local writing community, independent radio, and independent creators wherever you can.

Sinixt Nation (Arrow Lake Peoples)

radio documentary
In the Culture Club today: the Sinixt Nation.

This documentary highlights the history and culture of a nation declared "extinct" for the purposes of the Canadian Indian Act.

To learn more about the Sinixt nation, check out these other documentaries and pieces of research!

The Poetry Hour from the Mixolos Mitchtape

originally aired during National Aboriginal Day 2015
The Poetry Hour: live poetry performances and critical discussion about National Aboriginal Day with host Mitcholos Touchie @101theprofessor & guest Crystal Smith de Molina (who debuts two new poems!).

Also featuring recorded performances from:
Nyla Carpentier
Jamie G
Valeen Jules
Rayne Burning

For more from Mitcholos aka the Mixolos Mitchtape check this out:

Books on the Radio Magazine - August

archival readings - Eileen Myles, bp Nichol, and Robin Blaser.
On today’s show I’m very excited to play some amazing archival audio recordings of legendary poets. All of these recordings have come to us courtesy of the incredible work being done at pennsound which is a project run out the university of pennsylvania that makes new audio recordings and preserved archival recordings available for listening and download at Please check it out. The archives are incredible and I’ll be pulling audio from that vast reservoir for future shows, for sure.

Music: Vancouver bands Fond of Tigers and Cassette Merchant.

But first Eileen Myles reading from Inferno (A Poet’s Novel). Eileen is an American poet and writer who has produced more than twenty volumes of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, land other writing in the past thirty years. She has been described as described as "one of the savviest and most restless intellects in contemporary literature."

Very excited to be able to share this audio with you. Thanks to everyone at PennSound for all the great work they do preserving and archiving these recordings.

It should be noted here that Books on the Radio is a censorship-free zone. Some of the language and sounds that you may hear on this show are possibly offensive to some. We believe that public radio is one of the few spaces in contemporary media where words and ideas can respectfully challenge their audience and push boundaries in ways that other conventional media do not. Please take care listen with an open heart and mind.

You’re listening to Books on the Radio. For more information about this show please visit and check out @booksontheradio.

Culture of Work

live in studio Aug 19, 2016 - 1pm
Continuing from the Aug 19 ep of SFU Ideas & Issues talking about the SFU and TSSU (Teaching Support Staff Union) labour dispute, we broaden our discussion to the culture and theory of work and labour, including the idea of "affective labour."

Fuse: Cultural Revolution; Moe Clark: Poet

from the archives with a recent twist
In honour of the 10th anniversary of FUSE - a multimedia party at the Vancouver Art Gallery - 10th anniversary, we give you a taste of past FUSE edition: Cultural Revolution.

FUSE: Disruption is Saturday, August 15th 8pm and features local artist/curators Kate Armstrong and Malcolm Levy

FUSE: Disruption is part of the ISEA Conference this week, which is also themed DISRUPTION

Then Moe Clark talks to friend of CJSF Ophira Horwitz about her work, and Walking With Our Sisters, which was recently in BC on K'Omoks lands, and CJSF Was there!